Call of Duty 4 Variety Map Pack Review - 11/07/2008

Call of Duty 4 has been one of the most successful games ever invented after weeks of chart topping privilege. So many gamers have been attracted to the online modern-warfare shooter and have had many days completely used up in multiplayer.

It’s just such an addictive game but if you were beginning to get tired of it, 4 new maps have been brought out this spring to get our fingers furiously tapping away on our controllers for. However, did they follow in the footsteps of COD’s overall success?

Well, the four suspects are called Creek, Chinatown, Broadcast and Killhouse. They all offer completely different environments to cause havoc in, but which one is the best and what do they all exactly provide for the Call of Duty gamer?

Creek is a snipers paradise.

Firstly, Creek, this centres around a very large ravine and hardly includes any indoor combat at all, except for a farmhouse at one end that is pretty much never occupied, and a few houses on the other end of the map that witness much more combat action. The main feature that this map provides however is the two banks surrounding the ravine that allow for pure sneaky-sniping action. The long grasses and large boulders make for easy camouflage, but through intense scoping you can usually see a ghillie suit rustling through the undergrowth, which is more pleasing than when you’re sniping a guy running through the middle of the ravine like Forest Gump. This map is completely different to anything we have seen before on Call of duty 4 and is very strangely structured, as there is no real easy way of getting round to opposition territory.

Obviously, as I’ve already mentioned there is the option of sniping across the two banks, but apart from this you have the choice of sneakily stalking through a cave, which is usually well guarded anyway, because it’s such a prolific spot for people to flood through. Often you’re met with a dozen frags and flash bangs as you come through the cave, as the opposition wait to pounce. The only other way really is to run through the ravine or challenge the banks, so it isn’t easy. The final method is pegging it alongside the bank or over the unsteady-looking plank of wood depending on which side you’re coming from. No easy way of movement there then.

As long as you stay perfectly still you won't get spotted. Getting up and running around is ill-advised.

My combination for this map would be to use a sniper as your primary weapon and use overkill if you have the privilege of the perk and then something like an M4 carbine, a quiet but deadly duo. Claymores are also really handy in this map, as there are so little structural ways of getting across the ravine. 2 claymores planted to the entrance of the cave and across the bank will do wonders.

This is by far not one of my favourite maps; I’ve just never really got into it and the lack of structure really frustrates me, but no doubt that it is one of the most enjoyable maps for sniping.

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