Geometry Wars: Galaxies DS Review - 30/01/2008

Back in 2005, a £5 downloadable game was released on Xbox Live Arcade. Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved was the first of the many twin stick shooters that would follow on both the 360, and the PS3, but now, its developers, Bizarre Creations, have given Nintendo a piece of the action, in the form of Geometry Wars: Galaxies. Is this more of the same, or an evolution for the series?

Click one of the banners below to pick a review, though bear in mind each was done on a different version of the game (from what we've seen though the differences are negligible to say the least):

Xbox 360 Review:

"In today’s mass market, BiA: HH is a welcome break from the consumer-gobbled conventions of the first person shooter. Offering no immediate thrills, the real Hell’s Highway is the road you’ll take on the way to getting to grips with the squad mechanics. But boy, once you reach your destination and the game clicks, you’ll discover a rich setting playing host to deep and satisfying gameplay. You can make your own mind up about the gore."

PlayStation 3 Review:

"Knocking aside its many problems, there is something about Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway that keeps you coming back for more. But regardless, this is the third time Gearbox have had a crack at tackling this concept. If you think that by now things would be more polished, for lack of a better cliché, then this game will disappoint you in so many ways. On the other hand, if you take it for what it is, and you play by its own (often confusing) rulebook, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is just about nearly good enough."