Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga Review - 24/12/2007

Having proven that good Star Wars games are possible on consoles, with Lego Star Wars and The Original Trilogy, developers Travellers Tales now brings their games into the next generation as Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga hits the PS3.

One of the great things about TCS is that you get both games, LSW1 & 2, on one disc so that you can seemingly play through all six movies in glorious Lego-ness. Although being on next generation, LSW hasn't had much of a graphical boost, a bit shinier, but that's it. Then again, the game was never about appearances, it was about plain fun, which, I'm pleased to say, is still present.

TCS world revolves once again around the Mos Eisely cantina which is the hub for the game. From here you can access any of the episodes, the mini games available, the character editor (mix and match different parts of all available characters to make your own unique one), go outside to view all the minikits you have collected so far (miniature lego vehicles collected piece by piece in all the levels), buy new extras and characters from the bar man or just hang around inside and outside the cantina having some fun with the characters that go in and out.

TCS boasts 36 levels (6 per movie episode) as well as special levels for each episode once you have finished all the levels in each. Bounty hunter missions (as in LSW2) are also on offer where you have to hunt down a specific character in a level, these missions are assigned to you by Jabba the Hutt in a separate part of the cantina. The thing is, if you have played the two original games, (and you should have because they were amazing) then you have played most of them before. Yes, that's right, there are very few new levels for you to play through, and the old ones have not been changed enough to provide a new experience. Sure, it's great to have the mechanics from LSW 2 in the episodes from the first game too (like building things out of lego pieces found in each level) but that isn't really enough. Furthermore, being able to play through the episodes with all the characters available from both games, while fun, is again no reason to buy the game if you have played both the preceding ones.

I know that so far the review has been mostly negative, that's not to say that TCS isn't a good game. On the contrary it is an awesome singleplayer game, and its multiplayer co-op is something that other games should take note of as it adds a whole new dimension to the game and ups the fun factor ten fold. TCS is amazing fun and seeing the mute little lego characters act out cut scenes from the movie is one of the funniest things I've ever seen in a videogame, with their faces conveying an outstanding amount of emotions for little blobs of plastic.

What it boils down to is this; if you are looking for a whole new experience having already played the original games, then you will be disappointed as there is hardly anything new on show here. On the other hand, if you haven't played the originals, or liked them so much and just want to have some fun on your new console, then I completely recommend TCS, it's a game that you will enjoy, solo or with a mate, and will make you laugh no end. It's also known to bring out the completist in gamers as collecting all the mini kit pieces (10 in each level), that and the gold bricks (3 in each level, plus the ones you can buy from the cantina), and finishing the game 100% will take a very long time indeed.

Rounding up, TCS is a great game, fun, exciting and addictive, but the lack of much new content from the two previous games is slightly disappointing.

- Alex Goodenough



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