Prey Preview - 

Currently in development for both the PC and Xbox 360 formats from developers Human Head Studios and 3D Realms is Prey, a next-generation adventure that combines logical puzzle solving with intense arcade shooting action.

However, it would seem that, upon closer inspection, this title is infact so much more than the sum of its premise, incorporating elements into what appears to be the a FPS formula that, actually, have never been seen before. Intrigued? Then read on...

One of the things that is so refreshingly original about Prey is that firstly, this is a totally new gaming universe; the characters, storyline, and locations that feature within it are all new for this title, which makes a nice change from the industry's current preference toward producing sequels of established gaming franchises, many of which come off as simply better looking rehashes. Secondly, the game features both an extensive single player campaign and an equally immersing multiplayer experience (as opposed to one being overlooked in favour of the other.) Finally, the developers have bought a gameplay mechanic to the table that we doubt can be done justice without hands on play testing; Gravity flipping and Wall walking.

Despite sounding like cheesy sci-fi gimmicks, these are infact two of the elements that give Prey that little something extra to set it apart from the norm. Many sci-fi titles in the past have delved into the idea of Zero-G combat environments, but Human Head Studios have taken this one step further by introducing the notion that player's surroundings, the very levels themselves, are a threat to the player, and as a result must be