Wii Play Review - 12/01/2007

Can we play or is it just remotely interesting?

Wii Play is a collection of mini games designed to ease you into using the Wii’s unique and revolutionary controller. There is a good variation of games on offer and each one is detailed below.

Each game is unlocked one after the other on the menu screen, and first up is Shooting, a game much in the guise of Duck Hunt on the original NES, with ducks occasionally flying around in the background as a bit of a tribute. The object is to shoot targets or balloons or towards the final level UFOs using the remote as a handheld gun, much like a light gun game. The game is let down in its lack of variation in the placement of the targets, it’s the same pattern each and every time, the shooting is really responsive and fun, but once you know where the targets are going to pop up, a high score is easily had and spoils the replayability of the title.

Once you have played Shooting a matching game is unlocked called Find Mii. This game involves matching two or three of the Mii characters on screen, and the further you progress in the levels the more fiendish the puzzles get as you have to find the sleepy Miis or the fastest moving Mii in a group - it’s fun to a degree and as a time limit is involved it can be quite tricky, but ultimately it might not be everyone’s cup of tea.

Next up is Pose Mii, once again taking your Mii designed players and dropping in them a simple puzzle game, where you basically press the A button on the remote to change the position of your character to match a silhouette in a bubble which slowly heads towards the bottom of the screen, which in game terms means certain death for the bubble. As you progress this game also gets rather tricky and so lasts longer than some of the others, which is of course a good thing.

The next game is probably one of the weaker efforts; it’s a simple game of table tennis, the idea being to return a rally of 100 hits. Once you’ve done it however there is no real incentive to do it again, and it’s a shame there is no global ranking, as it could have been fun trying to out score people on your friends list.

Laser Hockey is next and it’s by far the prettiest game on the collection, it’s basically a neon drenched version of air hockey, with the paddle on screen syncing with the movement you make with the remote, it’s fast paced and really good fun, the sensitivity of the controller needs some getting used to however, as with your first few games you will lose more often than not, but once you realise small movements are what’s required this will probably be your most played game.

Billiards is a game that is fun to begin with, but as soon as you get the high score you probably won’t come back to it that often, although it is good fun in two player. The use of the remote is once again well implemented with a smooth forward/backward move required to strike the cue ball.

Fishing is a simple game, which can be tricky to begin with, but soon becomes a bit tedious as once again the high score is easy to achieve, negating any point of re-playing.

Cow Racing is probably my favourite game on the collection, simply because of the wackiness involved. The idea is to hold the remote like a set of handlebars, and you basically have to ride a cow down a course in a set time, knocking over scarecrows and jumping hurdles, simple, simple gaming; and it’s so much fun, not only to play but to watch as well.

The last game is Tanks, and is the only game to use the nunchuck controller. You have to drive a small tank around a battlefield destroying other enemy tanks. Unfortunately the somewhat stilted control for the aiming doesn’t help this game and it quickly turns into a shoot, dodge, shoot again sort of game, which in all honesty is a bit boring.

So there we have it, a collection of nine games, some great, some not so great, did I mention that you get a remote packaged in with this game? These minigames would certainly not be worth the 32.99 asking price on their own, but when Nintendo throws in a remote I’d say it’s essential, and a really good buy.

Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Playability 7/10
Lastability 6/10