PDC Darts 2009 Wii Review - June 12th 2009

The problem with having titles that appear each year is that you get the same game as last year with a small amount of change but with the core product the same. There never seems to be an end to “updated” sports titles, they come out every year and leave all but the diehard fans and casual gamers in a quandary as to why that exist in the first place. This is the same story with PDC Darts on the Wii.

There is nothing in this new edition that is particularly fresh to darts games per se, not that you can really improve the core mechanics of throwing a dart. The main controls for the game work along the same lines as the darts game found on Wii Play. Holding the Wiimote straight in your hand, like a dart as the manual says, it is used first to target your throw and then after pressing down the A button locks your target. You finally just need to bring the Wiimote backwards and thrust forwards to throw the dart. This sounds simple, right? It is but somehow the game still messes up. I’ve spent almost 2 hours trying to get the dart to actually go where I want it to go but to no avail. During that time I changed hands (to my weaker left) to see if that improved it but no, I asked my both of flatmates to try and still they missed every shot.

This might turn you off completely as it is pure luck to hit the right target if using just the Wiimote, but it is a bit better story if you use the Nunchuk. With the Nunchuk plugged in you can use that to target and then just “throw” the Wiimote instead of having to sort out both on the same controller. This makes the experience so much better in terms of allowing you to target correctly and actually hit where you wish. It is still a bit literally hit and miss with targeting but much better than that of the Wiimote alone.

An authentic experience, but one which soon gets repetetive

The game does offer a variety of modes, from the normal career mode to the party games to finally an 8 player league mode. The career mode offers you 7 months worth of tournaments to play in and these offer different challenges as you need to qualify to enter some of the tournaments. This does make the gameplay more tactical at times. But for me, the best modes were the two multiplayer ones.

These multiplayer modes offer some great fun to a group of people, it isn’t brilliant with just two people as unless you're very bad at the game the leagues will only last 20 minutes at maximum. If you have 3 or 4 people however it is much more fun to play and more to the point having a proper human offers a better challenge than that provided by the A.I in the game.

The dart board looks great.

Looking at the problems with the controls in PDC Darts while using just the Wiimote could put people off. But if you use the Nunchuk as well and have a few friends around to play against the game takes on a completely different demeanour and actually offers itself up as a quite good party game that may be worth a look. Check out the DS review here, to see how PDC Darts's little brother fares.

- Alec Hilton


Fun party game


Main game will appeal to fans

Controls have a massive learning curve

Another sport title update


Lacks appeal






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