Devil's Crush Virtual Console Review - 05/11/2007

The virtual console is host to many classic games, from consoles like the NES and N64. But one of the most interesting consoles is the Turbografx 16. This is the only console on the VC which didn't come out over here and is host to the surprise hit of VC, Devils crush.

DC is a pinball game. Now that may sound disheartening, but this is an experience you won't want to miss out on. The premise is as simple as any pinball game, get as many points as possible. This part of the game is as good as it can get, with strong physics that are in the right place between forgiving and real. While this could be just any other decent pinball game, DC's aesthetics are second to none. The one table in the game has been crafted with expert hands. Though one table may seem like a waste of time, it has enough to keep you coming back for more. The table is split in three, with you only losing a life if you fall out of the bottom section. This produces a nice difference in every play, as you may focus on different sections each time. Along the sides of the table are special holes, which when entered, allow the player to gain extra points by completing a minigame. This is mandatory if you want to go for massive points, but also optional if you miss a few shots at one. The table is very strong and holds enough extras to hold your attention. But by far the best part of the game is the presentation.

The graphics are very good for the time, with demonic heads that look quite scary at times. Being a pinball game, the background doesn't move too much which allows for more detail, but given that this game came out in 1990, it looks great. The music and sound are very well done. Sound effects don't get repetitive after you play the game for a while, and neither does the music. This music suits the game perfectly, and is weirdly recognisable. You will find yourself singing the theme tune a lot after playing the game. The music also doesn't get in the way of the sound effects, and so it doesn't distract the player.

Devils Crush is a must buy on the Virtual Console. Because it hasn't been played to death, the controls and gameplay feel fresh. The presentation is also very good, including a theme which is more addictive than the game. This is what the Virtual console was made for, to produce classics that would never come back without it. If you can afford the 600-point price tag, then get it. It is one of the most accessible, and possibly one of the best titles on the VC to date.


- Sam Atkins


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