Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition Review - 05/07/2007

Resident Evil comes to the Wii. Moaning and groaning its way into your heart.

Resident Evil 4 continues the story of the evil Umbrella Corporation and its attempts to produce the world's most dangerous virus. This game is pretty much a sequel to the second game in the series and picks up where that game finished - Umbrella has all but been wiped off the face of Earth and has gone into hiding, Racoon City the epicentre of the original T-Virus outbreak has literally been blown off the planet courtesy of a nuclear bomb, and Leon S.Kennedy (the one time police officer of Racoon City) has become a secret service agent and is working for none other than the President of the United States of America.

The President's daughter has been kidnapped and taken to a small remote village in Eastern Europe and Leon is tasked with finding her and his mission starts on the outskirts of the village - what he finds is an evil cult, not zombies, but fast deadly humans all with one purpose and that's to kill you.

The story and voice acting was at it's peak for this game, none of the cheesy characterisation found in the first few games, the graphics were also given a massive overhaul and look sumptuous and in true widescreen for this the Wii release. Extra content has been added, but nothing over the PS2 version, what you get is basically a couple of new scenes added to the main narrative, all of the extra missions unlocked at the end of the game including a score attack mode called mercenaries and the excellent Assignment Ada, another mini game mode, but one that adds to the whole package. Another addition premiering on a Nintendo console is the extra mode Separate Ways, once Playstation exclusive it can now be found on the Wii - it's basically a short mission mode starring everyone's favourite mysterious femme fatale, Ada Wong also from Resident evil 2, she turns up at various points in the main game and this mode fills in the gaps in the story and is unlocked when you complete the main game once.

So you're thinking I have the Gamecube version or even the PS2 version, why buy this game? One option is that it's a budget title and is therefore value for money, the other reason for purchasing this game is it was possibly the greatest Gamecube game released and the Wii specific controls have changed it into possibly the best Wii title out there at the moment. Using the remote as a gun is superb, aiming and general control of the cursor is far more responsive than using an analogue stick system and shows that third person shooters can work really well on the Wii, it all bodes well for the upcoming Umbrella Chronicles. Quick time events require shaking of the remote instead of just button pressing and they all add to the tension - the Krauser knife QTE sticks out as a great example of how much better the new controls work.

One thing I found to be different in this version, is that it seemed to be easier. It could possibly be because I'd already completed it on the Gamecube, or perhaps Capcom deemed the original just a little too tough, but I never seemed to have too many difficulties beating the game this time around, I think the advanced aiming helped immensely too. It seemed to be gorier this time around too, if Manhunt 2 got banned it would have to go some way to beat this, head's are ripped off, sometimes by a chainsaw welding maniac, blood spurts everywhere, it really is a gory game, but that's what survival horror is all about.

All in all, if you haven't played Resident Evil 4 before, you are in for the treat of your life, if like me you've played it before, you'll still find something new and the new controls will bring a smile to your face. It really is the first real essential title on the Wii and it's funny how it's an old port that really shows off your Wii's graphical capabilities.