Kororinpa Wii Review - 15/03/2007

Kororinpa is a maze game not too dissimilar to Super Monkeyball or the classic Marble Madness - a 3D maze is spun and twisted and turned to guide your marbles from the start line, to the finish.

First things first, this game is what Super Monkeyball should have been on the Wii. The remote implementation is superb, the control is precise and you always feel in control of the ball; and any ball related deaths are down to the user - you never feel cheated by this game.

Hudson have managed to produced a simple yet absorbing game for young and old here, although the game will suit the younger gamer due to the easy difficulty setting. There are over forty main levels to the game however, and they take in settings from a jungle to a packed metropolis complete with honking car horns in the background.

There are also extra levels to unlock by completing the levels in super quick time or from the collection of green crystals across the levels. Along with the green crystals you have to collect a pre-determined amount of orange ones along the paths and turns, because without these coloured crystals the exit gate will not appear. The game is a true 3D map which makes a lot of difference to how you approach each twist and turn - steps can be turned 180 degrees, making some of the crystal collecting rather fiendish.

There's something really enjoyable about rolling a ladybird around a wooden course

The graphics, whilst very basic, are extremely functional - you probably won’t notice them as you will be concentrating on weaving the ball in and out of traps and across the well designed courses. Sound too is cute but not too annoying and you’ll probably be humming the tunes without actually knowing it.

The real stars of the game however are the balls. The gimmick is that each ball has a personality, whether it’s the cute dog and cat or the milky way and planet Saturn; each ball reacts differently and the challenge is to use some of the more unconventional balls such as the wibbly wobbly ladybird ball (which is nothing near round) to get to the end and complete the level in the fastest time. My personal favourite though is the grunting panda ball, which is the easiest ball to use and the funniest to watch, as he rolls rather slowly.

Some of the courses are really inspired, and great fun to play through

This game, like most Wii titles, is also very short, the time taken to finish the main levels is an afternoon at best for an average gamer, and while once you have unlocked all the normal levels the reversed stages appear, these are merely the normal levels mirrored. The bonus stages and secret stages however, unlocked by completing the levels quickly, will take some more of your time, but you really shouldn't notice how short this game is because it is just so fun to play. It really is a great bit of software, the only improvement for the sequel would be a longer main game and more modes for the multiplayer, as the ones included here are pretty poor.