Wario Ware: Smooth Moves Review - 16/02/07

Quick fire Wario hits the Wii with his latest bunch of Microgames, in its fourth incarnation is it more of the same, or a breath of fresh air?

Having never played the previous games on the older Nintendo systems, I came into this title not really knowing what to expect. The Wii’s disc screen meets you with the titular anti-hero saying ‘It’s a Wii….Wario’ a nice touch, with Nintendo showing that much loved tongue in cheek for which it hardly ever gets any credit for. After booting up the game you have a short story explaining the ‘Form Baton’ and how Wario came to receive such a device, of course the form baton is the Wii controller and all your actions revolve around its use.

The Wii has been criticised since it’s release for the abundance of ‘mini games’ and this title probably doesn’t help the cause as instead of mini games dominating your play time; you now have micro games. These 5 second blasts consist of all sorts of craziness, from fitting grandma’s false teeth into her mouth to shaking flies from a banana.

If you have the attention span of a goldfish…this game is for you. Whilst the games certainly are good fun and make you look silly in front of your friends; which is always detrimental to all good party games, the micro games are really far too short, and the whole game can be completed in about four hours, with the option of multiplayer only opened at this point.

Four hours of playtime? Worth your money? Well the replay value is there and it is undoubtedly good fun (whilst it lasts), perhaps a few hundred more micro games would have been a nice addition. It seems Nintendo is really into releasing short games at the moment, the upcoming Excite Truck is reportedly only 8-10 hours in length - I think the best plan for people who want this game is to rent it, as it cant be recommended as a full price game.

So there we have it, a short review for a really short game, Warioware fans will find this as good as any of its predecessors, but for the new fans, it’s only good fun whilst it lasts…..

Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
Playability 9/10
Last ability 5/10

Overall 5.5/10