SSX on Tour PSP Review - 05/07/2007

As a newcomer to reviewing games, I saw an opportunity when I realized most of my games had not yet been written about. Anyway, as the PS2 version of the game was hailed the best snow sports game of the current generation, will the PSP adaptation be ranked as highly?

To start off with this game has a lot to live up to; it had to have stunning game play which enticed the gamer into a range of difficulties to out race and out skill the opponent, and this was even harder to achieve with the limited capacity of space and reality available to use in a smaller console such as a PSP. Even though some reviewers were keen to discredit it comparing it to the PS2 version, somehow they found the game was almost as good as was expected of it, if not better. Even though the range of tracks and modes of game play are not the most varied in the world, for the PSP it is a worthy addition to the string of games on the hand held system for its game play.

The graphics for this game can sometimes be above the usual standard for the common PSP game, but as parts in the PS2 version exampled, background features can seem 2-Dimensional and usually washed out. There are many characters in the game which offer different skills and experiences and although they have quite minimal facial differences, the clothes on display to be worn are detailed, and have textures that can almost be rivaled to many other games which need these graphics.

The lifespan of this game is minimal if you�re a story mode only player. But if you're willing to take on the challenges and become the best rider with the best stats, then this should last you a few weeks at least.

It has wireless capabilities, but they�re not up to extreme online gaming standards. If you want to spend your time becoming the number one SSX On Tour gamer, fine but I wouldn�t recommend it

Impressively the game has astounded many different parts of the audience it was trying to achieve , while some would definitely opt out for the ps2 edition, for new PSP gamers this should be top of the shopping list for astounding ability to keep up with the other advanced (and arguably better) consoles.

- Jamie Nuttall



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