Lumines PSP Review - 20/08/2007

Truly great games are few and far between on Sony’s portable so it is something special when a game as good as Lumines appears.

Due to the lack of a second analog and the general button layout of the PSP few games actually feel comfortable to play on the console. Lumines is one of these games as the only buttons used are the directional buttons and the x button.

The game is a puzzler in which blocks fall onto the screen in a way reminiscent of the old classic Tetris. Your objective is to align the blocks so that 4 or more of the same coloured squares are next to each other leading to their elimination from the screen.

The great thing in this game is the possibility to completely clear the whole screen, with a single, well thought out placement. The way to do this is using the special blocks [these are marked with a small dot] that appear at times which, when placed next to a same coloured block will eliminate it along with any other similar coloured blocks that it is in contact with, causing a chain reaction that could make all the blocks on the screen disappear.

Although this sounds a simple enough concept, it does take some time and effort to master the correct placement of the blocks and if you go about it with an air of ease then your screen will soon fill to the top with the blocks, leading to you losing the game. The beauty of Lumines is, although simple, it is highly addictive and you will become encompassed by it and even though you said that ‘this is my last game’ you notice that that was a couple of hours ago and you are still playing.

There are a few different modes in Lumines, the main mode being the singleplayer challenge mode in which you play through the game, trying to rack up as many points as you can, unlocking different skins [different block colours, backgrounds and music] as you go. The music itself is hypnotic to say the least and compliments the style of gameplay magnificently. Then you have the normal singleplayer mode where you choose to play on one of the skins you have unlocked and see how many points you can get. There is also two player mode where you can compete with a friend to see who can earn the most points on the different skins.

The simplicity of this game is what helps it standout, it is easy for anyone to pick up and play and I assure you that once you do, you will find it difficult to put it back down. Strip Lumines down to its bear parts and you could just say it’s a suped-up version of Tetris, but who didn’t like Tetris? And I can say for sure this is much more addictive and even more of a delight to play than Tetris ever was.

Simply put, this is one of the best PSP games out there and you can’t ignore its alluring charm, get it.

- Alex Goodenough



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