Pro Evolution Soccer 6 PSP Review - 07/08/2007

Pro Evo, as it’s known by fans, always has high expectations to meet. These expectations were met on the PS2 version, with it being one of the most popular PS2 online games of 2007, but will the PSP version be the same?

Pro Evo 6 is like any other PES game to date. You pick a club, and join the master league with the aim of working your way up to the top division, and being the best. The master league is pretty much the same as the PS2 version, which is good for a handheld game. This time round all the players, or at least most, are correctly named – so no more Ryan Greggs.

The only things that the handheld version really misses out on are club creation and online play. Not a major loss though, considering the wireless play. The PSP version plays very well, some football games on the PSP haven’t done so well ratings wise, but for me this one is an exception. It feels like it was developed on the PSP rather than being ported, so the loading times aren’t bad and the character models are real-looking.

The controls are exactly the same as the PS2 versions [square to shoot, circle to cross, X to pass…etc.] and even though the PSP loses a shoulder button or two – the game makes up for that well, with R1 to sprint and L1 to switch between team-mates.

The graphics are great. Even though it’s a PSP game, you can tell who each player is. Mostly. But their sorry attempt at Rooney is awful, as usual. He hardly looks human, but the pitch looks ‘pitchy’ enough and the hoardings look good enough as well. So you can’t really have any graphical complaints.

You can also do WLAN - play wirelessly against an opponent. So provided you’re mate has the same game, and a PSP – you can play each other with either your saved team, or any team in the game. This is great fun, and is one of the main selling points of the title. If you’ve got a bunch of friends with the console and the game, you can have mini leagues and/or play each other for fun. The game plays exactly the same, single or multiplayer. So there’s [usually] no lag, and it only occurs when the PSPs are quite far away from each other.

The game's pretty long. If you want to complete every aspect of the game then you’ll be glued for hours. The master league lasts for a while, and really depends how long your matches take, but it took me a few weeks to get to the top league and eventually win. Plus if you want to keep challenging yourself to do the next difficulty, it’ll take you even longer to finish.

But if you’ve got the PS2 game, or at least a PS2 then this offers nothing the PS2 iteration doesn’t. In fact if you’re going to buy the game, then get it on PS2. It’s got club creation, kit creation, online and a lot more content. Both are good, but the PS2 version is better.

Verdict: Each PES game turns out to be good, and this is no exception. The graphics are good, it will last you a long time and apart from no online play, the game rates well on everything. Unless you’ve got the PS2 game, this should be your football choice on PSP.

- Tyler Roberts