2011 Retrospective: Killzone 3 Review - August 31st 2011

Killzone 3 kicked off the year in grand style. It's an unashamedly brash sci-fi FPS, with a penchant for stacked odds and eye popping knife jabs.

The production values are high across the board. Even though there's the odd glitch here and there, there's little else that can match up to Killzone 3's fantastic graphical prowess. The first person executions are animated superbly well, and are among the most intense, toe curling melee attacks I've ever seen. The voice acting might be a bit cheesy, but it fits the theatricality of the proceedings. In fact, everything seems to be taking place on a larger scale than before. The campaign is a decent length, and there are some very memorable moments along the way. The mobile factory sequence is tough but enjoyable, and the climactic space battle is absolutely thrilling.

The inclusion of Playstation Move support is welcome. After some fairly laborious tweaking, I finally got comfortable with the sensitivity, and at times I actually preferred it over the Dualshock 3. The mech sequences didn't really work that well with motion controls, but then again, they are a low point of the single player regardless of your play style. This is the first time that I've actually gotten used to the idea of Move as a viable alternative for playing an FPS. It bodes well for the upcoming Resistance 3, which has also been confirmed to support it.

Jet packs might be annoying in Halo Reach, but they're nothing but fun in Killzone 3.

Multiplayer is equally strong here, with custom games and a robust matchmaking system that supports up to 24 players, depending on the game type. On top of that, there's proper campaign co-op in split screen, which is becoming something of a rarity nowadays. The developers have also clearly made good use of the feedback from their public beta. The connection quality in most games is practically flawless. It's a well rounded package, and it'll keep you playing for months.

Your escape from Helghan is fraught with arctic wastelands, dense jungle warfare, and Malcolm McDowell's camped up megalomania. Alongside significant improvements to the brutality of combat and fluidity of movement, Guerrilla Games have made one of the best Playstation 3 exclusives to date.

Jon Titmuss



The single player story is hugely satisfying, and optional Playstation Move support has been implemented extremely well.


The voice acting is a tad over the top, but the music and sound effects are both excellent.


For the most part, Killzone 3 is absolutely gorgeous, but some distracting glitches stop it short of achieving a perfect score.


Co-op, multiplayer, and a campaign worth replaying ensures guaranteed value for money.


Final Score:

Killzone 3 is an engrossing shooter that rivals anything else on the market. An absolute gem.


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