Terminator Salvation Review - August 21st 2009

The film may not have fared to well, and of course, we all know what usually happens with movie tie-ins. Can GRIN's Terminator Salvation break the mould?

The storyline is based around John Connor in the resistance. After a big battle he and his team are getting ready for evac. As they begin to leave, John gets a S.O.S, via radio. Refusing to leave a man behind he sets off on foot with one teammate, named Blair.

Blair is just one of many new people you come across in the game in the battle to find these lost men, while punching a good-sized hole in the enemy at the same time. In your struggle to save these people you lose many allies, but gain many more.

The graphics are by far the best feature in Salvation.

Salvation is fun for a short while, and the story line is great! It really makes you feel like John Connor, but unfortunately this feeling comes to an end all too quickly. The campaign is only about 4-6 hours long. Thankfully, however, the graphics are great for a third-person shooter, though this alone can't make up for its length. It also has two player co-op, but split screen only, which is a great disappointment, especially when accompanied by the sad fact that there is no online versus multiplayer.

Overall Salvation is a disappointing effort by GRIN. All you really do is take part in street-by-street fighting, against hornets, spiders, and T-600s. Hornets, are just flying machines that are weak, annoying and do little damage. Spiders are the machines that you see the most. They are nearly impossible to kill from the front unless you have grenades or RPGs. If you don’t follow this advice, then you're going to have to either let your teammates get their attention while you flank the enemy's unprotected backside. Or you could get its attention while your partner flanks. If you play with the AI, they don’t always shoot when they get the chance. The T-600’s are humanoid-type robots with powerful gatling guns. These however are easier to kill because they just go after you out in the open, in a classic run n' gun fashion.

Co-op is a nice touch but the lack of online functionality is disappointing.

One reason to buy or at least rent Terminator Salvation is if you like to get trophies or achievements. In terms of trophies, although there are only 11, all but 1 is gold. The last one is platinum. It was the easiest platinum trophy yet! All you have to do is play the game on easy, and who can’t do that?

Terminator Salvation is fun for a short time, but has very little replay value. Primarily a rental for trophies or fans of the Terminator series.

- Nick McLean

Good graphics
Easy gold and platinum trophies
Little replay value
Split screen co-op only, no multiplayer
Story leaves you hanging.


Evolved Games/Sony