G1 Jockey 4 PS3 Review - January 16

Horse Racing may not seem the most obvious sport for a video game, but the PS2 and Wii versions managed to capture the addictive nature of the discipline. How does it convert to PS3?

Throughout gaming, a wide range of sports have been covered: Football, tennis, boxing, rugby, American football and much more. These have all been produced for one reason, to simulate the reality of the chosen sport, so the customer could imagine they were in the shoes of their sporting heroes and ultimately have fun. Hence, the reason, ‘G1 JOCKEY’ was produced, right? Erm...no. Horse racing? Horse racing?

As I was playing the game, I kept wondering if a gamer that enjoyed the idea of horse racing would enjoy G1 JOCKEY. I couldn’t understand anyone who would waste their own precious time, playing such a game. I’ll give respect to the developers; they’ve produced an incredibly detailed game that looks at the smallest technique in horse-riding, however, as a person who doesn’t have the foggiest clue about the sport, I really don’t care. On the other hand, what about the people who do enjoy horse racing? Well, let’s face it, they are probably training or eating caviar and probably don’t have time for games. Obviously, not being stereotypical at all!

It's faithful to the sport, but that doesn't make it a good game.

What we look for in a game nowadays is usually online compatibility; the relatively new addition of PS3 trophies and if not those two, at least, a strong single player. Inevitably, G1 Jockey ticks none of those boxes. However, despite this, I’ll give the game respect where it’s due. There are not a lot of problems in what Koei have produced, but there’s not a lot special with it either. There is a basic, but efficient tutorial which allows you to get a good grasp of the game and this gives you a strong glimpse of the malnourished graphics and the mundane game play that is to come.

Did I say I was going to give the game respect? There is a type of quick race option, which allows you to get stuck into the horsey fun, without having to enter the story mode. It was here, where I found, that all I seemed to be doing was pushing the analogue stick forward, to steer my team around the dullest track you have ever seen. The pinnacle of G1 Jockey is obviously whipping your horse until it’s red raw, which will give you a great laugh as you hear the repetitive whooping sound of cane to skin. Hopefully, that isn’t abusive, neither erotic. If so I’m very sorry.

There should be an enquiry into why it was put into production for PS3...

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