MLB 07: The Show PS3 Reader Import Review - 06/09/2007

Are you tired of waiting wondering when a game like FIFA or PES is coming? Well go more West and they have great sports games like Baseball, American Football, Basketball and Ice Hockey, which are not very popular over here, but they are really overlooked sports.

All the teams, jerseys and stadiums are all licensed. As I'm a Scot I have no idea who the teams are or who any of the players are but that is what makes you want to play it more and more.

Sony updates the roster of players now and again. The online is one of the best online sports games with leagues there is a max of 32 players in one league. There are lots of news updates all the time straight from Although as in most online modes you are infinitely the worst player and it's really hard to win

Controls are the same as past games really. AI is really good, apart form batters being spot on 90% of the time and you not able to catch. It plays a very good game of baseball.

Graphics, well yet again my HDTV is still getting repaired, I played it on an SDTV but I think the attention to detail is still amazing. I've heard the faces of the players are good and the stadiums look good but as always, who cares if the stadium is good because most people over here don't know about things like that.

Overall - This game is great. Good online, good AI, good offline and goodish graphics (as I've heard). One of the most exciting baseball games ever. Well worth importing, unfortunately this game is never going to actually land here but just import it because it's great. Forget MLB2K7, this is the only baseball game you should get.

- chris mccambley