Folklore Import - Reader Review - 04/09/2007

Obscure Japanese action adventure games get as many people wanting them as rabies. They are really not popular over here so let's see how good it is...

There is something to be said for playing through a brand new game without understanding what the f**k is going on for the most part. Psychological survival horror games have that effect, but that's because they're the product of the sort of special planning meetings down the local which turned into debauched sessions featuring in no actual order: eastern European spirits that, barmaid your mate wouldn't touch with yours, a minor psychotic episode after someone suggests snorting percent absinthe, tablets banned from use in veterinary medicine and a long night stuffed inside a small dark and damp space ship.

Well, let's start with graphics. This game is very colourful, lot's of very pretty flowers. Very weird looking bad guys are well designed so the PS3 is a key to the great game graphics

Now gameplay, this is what makes this game really crap - very slow movement control, no real defining features - there are lots of different genres that this resembles, RPG, Fantasy, and lots of others. I think if u want a good PS3 RPG you should get Oblivion. As reviewed by Tyler before

. Online/multiplayer is nowhere to be seen as with almost every RPG.

Finally this game is the first good use of the SIXAXIS pad. This feature is really good, it is when you battle you use it, you really need to play it for this reason but there are also several reasons not to get this. They are: no multiplayer, crappy gameplay. Good graphics and good SIXAXIS controls are great.

Overall - This game is one of the worst Japanese games ever made. Translation is really crappy everything is really really hard to get to grips with it takes a lifetime to get to grips with it all in all don't import this game worst 29.99 you will have ever spent

SCORE: 5.2

- christopher mccambley



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