Everybody's Golf 5 - PS3 Import - Reader Review - 30/08/07

Japanese anime golf games are all the rage these days, the days when golf games were just some old pensioners walking around a garden are long gone.

Minna no Golf (Japanese name) is a patently unrealistic but really very fun, colourful game that's more than worth the trouble of importing. The structure is the same as the past games in the series, there are 15 characters, six courses and seven caddies available to unlock, but with just 2 characters, 1 caddy and one course open at the start of the game. There's strokeplay, matchplay, multiplayer and a variety of challenges that allow you to unlock new costumes, clubs and balls, and each challenge culminates in a matchplay game against the next unlockable character.

There are still the same controls as in the previous iterations, which make it feel a bit weird. It is still more cluncky than you would hope, but yet they keep doing it. There's a great online mode, which consists of tournaments and cute online lobbies modeled on Japanese hot springs or Tatami rooms, peopled by mii-style avatars, decked out in a variety of costumes from scuba divers to schoolgirls.

There are translation problems with this game because the main menu is all in Japanese which statistically not many people over here will be able to understand. This can be a bit of a problem for those that like their games in English, but I assure you it's easy enough to figure out – it took me six hours to get to grips with, but it's really good fun game and well worth the effort. Verdict: The game without those cute schoolgirls, online mode and good courses would be just like Tiger woods, which lets face it sucks. For good blood pumping golf, this is the game for you. Coming to a shop near you very soon.

- chris mccambley



Clap Hanz/SCEI