Call of Duty 3 PS3 - Reader Review - 29/08/07

Our first reader review comes of Call of Duty 3 on PlayStation 3, a game by Treyarch and Activision which was heavily touted for success ahead of release. Come inside for the verdict.

This game is rather short, it certainly feels shorter than the PlayStation 2 version, but I think it's really good overall. This game is one of those which hits you unaware, I personally picked it up thinking it was just going to be another crap WWII game, but it really surprised me to say the least.

The gameplay is very good, better than the past games on ps2. It's got a lot better since the first one which was, let's be honest, not the best game ever. The game is quite unrealistic however; as you can't even shoot your own men and the shots just bounce off them if you try. The weapons feel very authentic, WWII guns and vehicles, which is a good touch.

Right, onto online. In some battles you can use vehicles by holding square to get in, but it gets quite annoying because most likely someone else is shooting at you, and it all gets a bit frantic. Unfortunately the online is just like Rainbow Six Vegas (as reviewed by Tyler), which has pretty poor online because there's no proper system to make sure that you're joining a game that’s not already been started, and no way of inviting your mates to a game, you have to just try and find them.

Finally the graphics: well the only TV I could get hold of was a 20 inch Bush, so I can't really say this game's graphics are particularly great, but as far as I can tell they are just as good as all the other first-person-shooters on the PS3.

Overall: This game's really quite exciting at times, and I think it's one of those that's short but sweet. Online sucks unfortunately, but the graphics are decent which helps alleviate the pain. (Even though it was played on an SDTV)

- chris mccambley

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