Rainbow Six 3: Vegas PS3 Review - 31/07/2007

Rainbow Six Vegas is Ubisoft's first Playstation 3 FPS, and although it could be better, it’s good for starters. The game has been out on the 360 for nearly a year, but somehow it’s got a tad worse…

I’ll start by comparing certain aspects of the game on both the 360 and PS3. The graphics do look very similar when playing the game, but after looking at side by side shots, you can see that the PS3 version is drained and has lost some of that Vegas effect. Plus, to add to the loss in quality, up close you can see that walls and other things that you take cover on, aren’t as detailed. 360 – 1 PS3 – 0.

The single player campaigns play exactly the same, the PS3 version doesn’t suffer from any frame-rate problems as some of Ubisoft's previous PS3 titles have done, and unless you try to notice the graphical differences, both are the same. 360 – 2 PS3 - 1.

Now, online is an odd one. They changed the way it works for the PS3 iteration, and the clan support has somewhat vanished, but the red and black map packs [that are available for purchase on the 360 Marketplace] have been included in the final game. So effectively, you're buying a 65 pound or so game for 50. Taking both into consideration, I’d have to give it to PS3 for value for money. 360 – 2 PS3 – 2. All Square.

The single player story does have a plot, but a very dull one at that. I played the game as a refresher half and hour before I started writing, but all I can remember is that terrorists have invaded Las Vegas [hence the name] in a few casinos in particular, and you, and team rainbow, have to flush them out. That’s it. No cut scenes, no pre-mission briefing [bar 3 or 4] only text on a loading screen. Boring…

The graphics, as I previously mentioned, have lost some umph while being ported, but if the 360 version was never released, nobody would have any complaints. It’s just that us gamers like to nit-pick. Does anybody really look at the detail on the walls while playing?

Online on the PS3 version is okay. Nothing more, nothing less. The maps as always are very well designed so that it’s even, and 2 of the [360’s] downloadable map packs have been included. There’s a whole host of games to play as well. Sharpshooter – a straight death-match. Survival – similar to Resistance’s ‘conversion’ and Retrieval - a sort of capture-the-flag remake that adds to the tactics of the game. These are probably the most popular of the lot. In this game though, searching for a match is a nightmare. It only lets you search for a certain game type or map. Unlike Resistance for example that lets you search for a custom game type and then choose whichever fits your need best, you don’t get a choice. You automatically join the game type you specified.

Another thing Resistance did well was being ‘lag-less’. Rainbow Six is anything but this. Almost half of the games you join will include some sort of lag, and it can get very annoying. Online, apart from lag, plays well when both soldiers are in cover and having a shootout, but open air gunfights don’t work very well. It's very hard to predict who’s going to win, and with the machine gun steadily aiming upwards when you shoot – you can’t see either. A disappointment, overall.

Altogether, if you're buying it for the online section you could be disappointed. If you're buying it for the single player campaign, it can get tiresome and boring. If you're buying it to join a clan, the support that was on the 360 has disappeared. Only buy this if you’re a fan of the series, or you're into the genre.

Verdict: A disappointment, the game is let down on every front and doesn’t even deserve a clever pun.

- Tyler Roberts



Ubisoft Montreal