Spiderman 3 Review - 26/07/2007

With every blockbuster movie nowadays comes a videogame tie in that more often than not is a flop. With Spiderman 3, expectations were high after the tremendous second game. Surely with such a base to build on and so much next-gen power at their fingertips the developers couldn’t go wrong. And to an extent they didn’t, as Spidey 3 delivers a solid game that is thoroughly enjoyable.

Unfortunately, although this is the case, fans of Spidey 2 PS2 will be disappointed as it seems the developers have not used the next-gen power to their best advantage and the game is almost a replica of the PS2 version but with suped up visuals.

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing, as Spidey 2 was an outstanding game in its own right, but most people were expecting more form the web-crawler’s next-gen debut. As said previously, Spidey 3 is a solid game that follows not only the movie's plot but around 9 others as well. That said, even though there are a multitude of missions on offer, 42 to be exact, they don’t take long to complete, clocking in at around 9 to 10 hours worth of play. Apart from the core missions that lead onto boss battles against the likes of Venom and Sandman from the movie as well as Lizard, Scorpion and Rhino from the comics, there are gang missions to complete. The city of New York has been overrun by four different gangs that Spidey has to deal with to clean up his city.

Also there are the side missions, the most notable being the “gang wars” in which you have to prevent crimes in the areas controlled by the gangs so as to slowly kick them out of the city. You also have extra activities such as skydiving, web racing and bomb defusal runs, but these are rather tedious.

On the whole Spidey 3 suffers from a lack of longevity as although there are all the side missions to complete, not many people will bother, and the choice to go through all the main missions once more as Black-Suited Spidey when you finish the game is not really enticing. On the collector’s edition disk you get the added bonus as playing as The New Goblin. His movements are controlled by using the motion sensitive pad which is innovative but can be a pain. Don’t get your hopes up about doing missions with him either as you can only take part in races while being him or explore the city.

So, although Spidey 3 may look next-gen, and while the graphics ooze with that sheen that we have come to associate with PS3 and the fact that the city is more full of life, i.e there are more cars and pedestrians around, the game play is unfortunately last-gen. The fight sequences do become repetitive, especially with some of the bosses where the only way to win is to counter again and again, and the cinematic sequences where you have to press a button when prompted, although a nice touch, are not as good as Resi 4s as the buttons are always the same so it will only take you a few tries before nailing it. Spiderman 3 is a good game, and a must for fans of the web-head, but it is short and it could have been so much more…..

- Alex Goodenough



Vicarious Visions
PS3/Xbox 360