NBA Street Homecourt PS3 Review - 20/07/2007

With games like Pro Evo 7 and Fifa 08 still months away, sports enthusiasts must look elsewhere for their fill of PS3 fun. However, Homecourt is a title that will definitely get overlooked as the number of basketball fans out of the US is vastly limited.

Due to this, when shopping for games people will take a glance at the game and immediately turn the other way, put off by the first letters NBA, thinking it's another one of those boring basketball sims. This is where they'd be wrong.

Forget your exact replication of basketball as this is nothing like those. Forget all the tiresome rules that put many a sports fan off basketball, there is no backcourt violation in this game. The main aim of this game is to be fun and this is an aim it wholeheartedly achieves.

The first thing you do in the game, if you choose the career mode, is to create your player. By EA standards the customisation is extremely limited as you have to choose a mixture of basketball players to mold together into the style and look of player you want. From there you set off to make your "Homecourt" known throughout the game world. There are background stories of each court and the NBA players that grew up there but let's face it, this isn't what most people want to see and they will probably skip it. As soon as you get onto the court for the first time you are hit full on by how beautiful it all looks, nex-gen sheen shines through and gives the players and courts a realistic look that last-gen hardware could never have achieved. This said the players aren't like NBA 07s attempt to create perfect replicas, which end up looking like pixelated monstrosities, and thus they appear much better for it as a result.

From the first moment you get your hands on the ball you forget any pre-conceived idea that you were going to play a real basketball sim. The idea here is to humiliate your opponent with all kinds of crossovers and dummies, making them look completely foolish. This is not difficult to grasp and after a few games you'll be owning the court to the dismay of your opponents. All the tricks, and subsequently, baskets you score increase your gamebreaker meter. Once full it can be activated and this is where the real fun, and to a point, degradation of the opposing team begins. Say goodbye to realism as the screen takes on a sepia tone and every trick button leads to your player performing outrageous breakdancing moves that completely befuddle your opponents, leaving them in the dust as you dribble round the whole team and dunk for the precious points.

I can definitely say that there is nothing more satisfying then dummying the whole opposing team and then launching yourself off the back of a team-mate for a triple dunk and getting 6 points, the highest score possible in one move. The player animations are brilliantly fluid and add to the whole gaming experience with no jagged edges, and the frame rate never suffers.

This game will leave you beaming with pride and because of this you will continue playing, because lets face it, who doesn't like feeling good about themselves?

It also has a one on one online option so if you feel you are good enough to compete online you can do so.

This is one of those games that, if you look too hard, you will miss the beauty of it. Instead, sit back, immerse yourself in the game and have some fun. A very good game on the whole and just the thing if you are looking for some good, old-fashioned fun.

- Alex Goodenough