Calling All Cars PS3 Store Review - 06/07/2007

A siren calls out the words “Calling All Cars, criminal on the loose” and you just feel like you're back in the fifties. What I’m talking about it is the truly hilarious Calling All Cars from God Of War fellow David Jaffe.

The game is extremely clever, the objective is the first car to capture a criminal and return him to jail. Now this doesn’t seem so interesting on paper does it? What is conjured up in your mind? Basic CTF style gameplay? Or a boring power-up style race? No, you’re so wrong it’s untrue. The game is like a twisted love-child between Twisted Metal: Head-On and Wacky Races.

The gameplay is wonderful; you race around a selection of arenas smashing your opponents to get hold of the criminal and deliver him to jail using one of different four ways. You also have to fight it out with other cars if they get to the perp first, for this you need to an arsenal and what an array you get. Okay so it isn’t that big but it is straight out of the comic book pages. You have a homing missile, a gigantic hammer and finally a magnet, all to aid you. The best part is the steer determination of your opponents to get the criminal of you, you find yourself in a dash to the jail.

The best game I have played from the Playstation Store since the console’s launch. It has its flaws in being very short, but for a fiver what do you expect.

- Alec Hilton



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