Red Faction: Guerrilla PC Review - October 23rd 2009

We all know Red Faction was a good game, but can the sequel live up to the legend?

In the year 2125 on Mars you play as the young Alex Mason. 50 years ago a group of Rebels called the "Red Faction" had freed a small mining town from the Ultor Corporation after years of oppression. In response the EDF (Earth Defense Force) launched a fleet of warships to free Mars and restore order.

In the present, the EDF has become power hungry and greedy, and colonists are being driven from their homes. Now a new group of revolutionaries have banded together and have taken up the Red Faction name. Although their enemy has changed, their battle cry remains the same: "Better red than dead".

At first glance this game and its concepts may not seem appealing, but as the old saying goes "you can't judge a book by its cover". To start off with, the graphics are simply spectacular. Even the first two blander areas still look great! For a 3rd person shooter, it amazed me how much effort that the developers put into erecting the levels throughout the game.

The storyline puts you into the shoes of young Alex Mason, who came to Mars for honest work, unaware of the hardship the colonists were enduring. Shortly after he arrives his brother gets murdered by the EDF for working with the Red Faction group. This is when he joins the Red Faction.

The story is a really good part of Guerrilla

There are 8 sections of Mars that you have to free. Each one requires you to drop the EDF control to zero and complete guerrilla acts to free a section. To drop the control you will do tasks such as destroying EDF related buildings, doing raids on EDF camps or destroying convoys just to name a few. But to make the EDF pull out of an area you have to do major guerrilla acts to unlock a "final push" if you will. Complete this mission and you will force the EDF to pull out and leave the particular area. Clear all eight and you may just make the last frontier free again.

The controls are simple and comfortable. Very standard for a PC game, using w,s,a,d to move and 1,2,3,4 to switch through your weapons and gadgets. You also use space to jump and the mouse to move the camera; left and right buttons to fire primary and secondary weapons. All controls are truly customizable to what suits you best.

There is a wide variety of weapons for you to use ranging from the standard assault rifle to your all-purpose hammer. To upgrade or obtain new gadgets you must collect ore. To get this all-important substance you can gather it from completing missions, destroying cars or simply mining it from ore deposits.

As great as this game may be there are still some faults. For example, I would request more variety of missions or customizable weapons. But nevertheless if you fail a mission it won't end the game as the last try. You have many different options thanks to Red Faction's sandbox layout. And everything is destructible and we mean everything besides the dirt and rock itself.

Incredible destruction

This game is great with just the story line alone. The multiplayer is the icing on the cake. It's not perfect but it works, and it gives gamers what they want - TO PLAY! Your options are:

Wrecking crew, which is an offline party game where you pass around the controller and see who can rack up the most damage. It's fun and very addictive.

Team anarchy - you either fight for the EDF of the "Red Faction" and annihilate the opposition.

Capture the flag - You fight your way to the opposing base and steal their flag and bring it to your own base.

Siege - Two teams take turns attacking and defending bases on a map. The team that causes the most damage wins.

Demolition - Protect your destroyer as they wreak havoc on the environment and score points for your team. Protect your destroyer at all costs. Without him, winning's impossible.

All in all I loved playing this game. On PC or on console it's just plain fun! It has great graphics, a heart-tugging storyline and easy game play. Its faults are minor and its breakthroughs greater. --- Great sentence here!

- Nick McLean

Great story
Awesome graphics
Easy controls
Superb destruction engine
Repetitive missions get old