Roogoo Xbox Live Arcade Review - 04/07/2008

You speaking to roo? Roo's the daddy? Happy Birthday to Roo! Ok, that's quite enough that...

Is it wrong to be surprised at how limited a children’s toy-turned Xbox Live Arcade puzzle game is? Yes, considering the developers are asking for 800 of your points in exchange for digital toy blocks.

In this virtual shape shifter, you’ll take control of various circular discs floating in mid air, your job being to rotate each one in turn using the left and right bumpers to navigate falling blocks through their corresponding holes. For some reason, a thinly-disguised lecture on global warming serves as the game’s back-story (just swap George ‘oil-baron’ Bush for The Evil King Moo), but while the pastel-coloured environments and beepy-boopy soundtrack affirm Roogoo as a less hardcore block pusher then, say, Tetris, the difficulty gets ramped up towards the end of the 45 stages with the introduction of new shapes, hole-blocking enemies which require a good noggin-bashing and increasingly demanding levels of speed.

It may look cute, but it gets pretty tough later on.

Online, the game supports a competitive race mode where 2 players aim to be the first to pass all their shapes through their holes as well as a co-op mode where you’ll take it in turns to spin the floating levels - both are as dull as they sound and finding other Roogooer’s on the baron servers will inevitably take up more of your time. Although the same modes are available in splitscreen, this, coupled with the gradually increasing difficulty only serve to artificially extend the lifespan. Roogoo is one of the more polished XBLA games on the market, but it never really convinces you you’re doing little more than paying for ability to re-discover pre-school memories without having to look like a giant retard with a real plastic playset.

There are better alternatives out there.

A chirpy design and solid execution fail to mask a painfully inadequate puzzle package. More a case of Boo-Goo than Wah-Hoo. Right, that’s more than enough of that...

- Ben P. Griffin

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