City Life Hands On Preview - 

Monte Cristo, the esteemed people behind 7 Sins and the upcoming War on Terror RTS game, have undertaken a new project called City Life. It's a 3D city building game that captures the magic of Sim City 2000, which is some compliment. We've gone hands-on with the game.

The premise behind City Life is to build a big, profitable empire over a game map. These maps are divided up into sections, which you can buy at your will. At the start of each game, you'll have enough money to buy one of these sections, and build a small community on it, and you can choose to purchase more land to compensate for your expanding population as you progress.

You can manage many aspects of your city, and you'll need to build housing, leisure and cultural facilities, public services and resource plants. At first, the options in front of you don't appear that diverse, but once you get to grips with the mechanics of the gameplay, you learn how to advance your city. With our preview build was a large guide to the game basics. We'll have to hope Monte Cristo include a tutorial with the finished version, but we're patient people and you only need to read a few of the points before being able to get somewhere with the game.

The key element to City Life is culture. There are six different cultures, with the 'have-nots' - these are the tramps; the 'blue collar' - these people are the lower working classes; the 'fringe' - the more artistic working class; the 'suits' - the big office workers; the 'bobos' very artistic and cultural; and the 'elite' - at the top of society (all in roughly that order of status/wealth).