BioShock PC Review - 30/08/07

Well here it is, one of the most anticipated games ever, but is it any good? In short, yes, it's bloody amazing and is one of the best games ever produced. The beautiful design, the dazzling visuals, great AI and gameplay and a story to rival that of even the brilliant Deus Ex.

This is a spiritual successor to System Shock 2, one of the best PC games ever, and it keeps the same amazing atmosphere. Now, come dwell with me into the world of Rapture.

The story focuses around the underwater utopia Rapture, which in the 60s is the home of the world's best and most brilliant scientists and generally important and brilliant people. It was created to get away from everything that was going on at that time, like the threat of the bomb over everyone’s head. After your plane crashes in the ocean you find a lighthouse that takes you down to Rapture, and it's a lot different to the visions all those brilliant people had in mind.

The ocean is coming back to claim Rapture and the people have gone insane, mutated by genetic overdose on a substance called ADAM, which is used to make them better, faster and stronger, but they have taken too much and gone insane. To survive you must harvest this ADAM and use things called Plasmids, which can be used for things like speed boosts and lighting bolts to attack the game's main enemies, called Splicers.

One thing you've probably all seen are the Big Daddies and Little Sisters. The big Daddies are giant olden-days, diving suit wearing, drill for an arm things; let's say. They will do everything and anything to protect the Little Sisters(,) who are small corrupted little girls who go around Rapture collecting ADAM from the dead bodies that litter the corridors of Rapture. They won't bother you if you don't bother them and they are just going about their business, but let me say that you are very unlikely to survive an encounter with a Big Daddy as they are extremely powerful.

One thing that's great about BioShock is that you are constantly starved for resources, and this is amazing because unlike other FPSs you don't go into rooms all guns blazing, you have to think and plan what you are going to do to take out your foes. For Instance, you can hack security bots to protect you and take down enemies. Plus with the use of Plasmids, another dimension of play is added.

Let me take a second to praise the graphics and design of Bioshock; long story short they're brilliant (God I've used that word a lot), this game boasts some of the best water effects ever and it really does look like real water. Irrational Games should really give themselves a pat on the back for the design, as it is simply spectacular. When you see how original and fresh the environments are you'll never want to play another FPS again, that’s how good they are.

This game is also all about choices. Why go this way when you can go another? A good example of this is that you can kill the Little Sisters and take their ADAM, or you can spare them, get less ADAM, and be able to live with yourself. Bioshock actually gives out genuine emotions and you will feel guilty if you do end up killing (or 'harvesting') a little sister.

Bioshock is a combination of first person shooting, puzzle and RPG bits that work unlike other games and are a joy to play. Also, the story has some of the best twists ever and I mean ever, and will make you go 'woah, I didn't see that coming' and make you want to play more and more. It has such a great effect on you.

Overall Bioshock provides everything you could ever want from gaming and more, and is surely one of the best games ever. Buy it now. Seriously. Right now!!!.

- James Briscoe



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