Big Bang Mini Review - March 30th 2009

All the joy of bonfire night without the worry of giving the neighbour’s dog a seizure. Read the TGSN review of Big Bang Mini.

It’s hard to get excited about a game which boils down to dodging coloured sparks, but Live Arcade’s Geometry Wars was pretty fun, no? Well, this aint Geometry Wars. In fact, it’s not even close.

Its Firework season in Big Bang town and Mr Mini has a very important mission: to light up the sky and impress the girl of his dreams with a dazzling array of sparks. Or so the story might read if the game had one. Unfortunately there’s no such padding here, just bare bones shooting dressed in a bright neon T-shirt.

It looks famililar, but unless you have invisible hands, you won't see much of it.

With your stylus you’ll guide an avatar (sometimes a green triangle, sometimes a blue square - either way, it’s all so exciting!) through waves of cascading sparks sent down from the top screen, all the while flicking firework projectiles skyward to make baddies go boom. The hook? The more fireworks you throw, the more sparks you’ll have to dodge. While its obvious developers Arkedo used this mechanic in an attempt to stop players simply spamming the fire button, it doesn’t work. The most effective tactic is always fire, fire, fire. Following this up with a dodge, dodge, dodge and you have a laborious, unengaging experience that peters out like a dying Catherine Wheel.

As well as an obligatory oriental-themed level here, (those Chinese love their fireworks, apparently) there are eight more worlds. You like snow? They got snow. Ever wanted to shoot fireworks underwater? Well, now you can. Different powerups in each level, like the whirlwind move that sucks in projectiles, as well as end-world bosses (you know, like normal enemies with unfeasibly large health meters) help alleviate part of the dullness, but there’s nothing here to keep you from swapping out the cartridge for Mario Kart.

This looks fun.

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