PictoImage Review - 04/10/2008

Sketch, guess, laugh! And then draw boobs.

Further cementing the DS’s apparent indispensability in our everyday lives, (just look at Nintendo’s adverts; every demographic seems surgically attached to one) Sega’s Pictoimage has the audacity to assume it can even replace the humble pencil and pad. And, sometimes, rightly so.

Pictoimage is basically a digitally-reformed version of that classic post-Christmas dinner board game Pictionary, and where it excels is exactly where the traditional lead and paper-based counterpart failed – the image. You see, where once the game belonged to the bloated, cross-generational festive mass, it’s now perfectly acceptable to whip it out at any time and in whoever’s company.

There are other things you can draw...

Things start to get a little shallower in the singleplayer. Here the computer will slowly knock out one of its recorded 300 images onto the top screen – images ranging from a simple watermelon to breath (yes, apparently breath can be drawn) – and you’ve got an unlimited amount of time to type or write out your answer on the screen below. While this as well as the ‘learn to draw’ mode and the included ability to save your own masterpiece’s (read: boobs) is a perfectly acceptable excursion for those not yet versed in the complexities of Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin or Final Fantasy IV, it holds none of the frenzied tension of playing in the game’s multiplayer on 1 or up to 8 DSes.

With the ever- looming 1.30 time-limit to guess just what that scrambled mess of lines is your friend is drawing as well as the added ‘I can’t believe you didn’t get THAT, it was easy!’ banter, the game affords as many laughs as any found on a sheet of cardboard. Just don’t play with your board-chucking competitive younger brother – you’ve seen how he gets when he loses at Monopoly, and those DSes ain't cheap.

- Ben Griffin


Like a board-game...


Fun with friends...

Draw Boobs!

Pointless alone.


More expensive than a board game...



First dibs on Buckeroo DS!