Marvel Nemesis DS Review - 

Since the 1930's Marvel produced mainly 'pulp fantasy', it wasn't till 1961 that they derived the eclectic bunch of superheroes that we all know and love today.

Owing to the success of the Spiderman movies, studios have been releasing superhero movies like nobody�s business, some have been good, some bad, but all have contained that �magic� of the original comics in one way or another, so just how does the game of superheroes stand up??

EA�s game is a strange one to categorise as it often feels like it wants to be a 80�s scroll along beat �em up much like Double Dragon or Final fight, then sometimes it just seems like a re-make of the excellent Capcom game Powerstone, which is no bad thing.

You start the game with a comic page design, you can choose to just jump right in and play a game or you can play the arcade mode. In this mode you choose your character and play through each stage fighting one on one with the enemies until you reach the final boss. This presents me with my first problem with the game, as to begin with only three Marvel characters are available, Wolverine, Spiderman and The Human Torch. The reason behind this small selection of characters is I�m sure to add longevity to the game unfortunately the game is the same whichever superhero or villain you use so it would have been nice to have had the choice to begin with.