Tiger Woods 2005 DS Review - 26/04/2007

Here Tiger is again, although this time it’s not your usual update. EA has had to go from the ground up for this game, as the stylus is put to good use.

The usual EA create a player is in, the official courses are there, even if the list has been shrunk somewhat and all the sponsorships that are normally associated with the publishing giant are present and correct.

The options open to you at the beginning of the game are quick play, legend tour and multiplayer, unfortunately the multiplayer requires each player to have the game. Quick play offers you a choice of any unlocked courses (of which there are six) using stroke play, match or skins. The legend tour offers you a career mode by any other name and lets you play against old and new masters.

The courses are well laid out for you on the bottom screen and when you have lined up your shot you then use the stylus in two different ways, first of all you rub a power meter till your shot is at a desired level and then you use the stylus to make an arc, much like a real golfer would swing, it really is a special part of the game as once again the innovative touch screen comes into play, not only does it involve you, it draws you further into the game, much as in real life if your swing isn’t perfect your shot will ‘draw’ or ‘fade’ and trying to get control over this is quite fun.

The graphics are some of the best I’ve seen on Nintendo’s blossoming handheld and the sound too is top notch. The presentation which is usually EA’s strong point seems to be understated here and in my opinion is the better for it.

If you want something to play on a train journey or in the back of a car then this offers simple pick up and playability and is highly recommended, especially for the implementation of the touchscreen/stylus.

Overall EA has scored a hole in one here, maybe next years instalment could do with a few more courses, but apart from that it’s a cracker.

- Emera1d



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