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"Better with Kinect" is just a slogan, that's all. The Kinect integration begins and ends with the Gunsmith mode in Future Soldier, and that's just fine. It is cool to disassemble your gun by spreading your hands apart and seeing all the attachments and pins fall away. It gives you that very distinctive Tony Stark feeling [don't forget Minority Report! - Ed]. Other than that, the Kinect menu navigation is clunky and unintuitive. It's difficult just to swipe from one item to the next. However the voice recognition is really well done, and recognizes spoken words effectively. Future Soldier does allow you to take the Kinect to the firing range, but it doesn't do much for the feel of the gun. The Kinect controls are floaty, and you end up drifting past the desired target most of the time. Though, in keeping with the Tony Stark theme [with a slice of Cruise - Ed.], players raise their preferred shooting arm with their fist closed, and open their hand to fire the gun. It feels cool, but doesn't do much for showcasing the changes you've made to your choice of weapon.

Oh my god, there is just so much debris.

The style and presentation of Future Soldier is superb. The HUD, or heads up display, is minimalist and sufficient, displaying only what you need to know. And the way that it stays with the players avatar is pretty neat looking too. The invisibility of the suits is absolutely remarkable. The cool bit about it, is that only the cloths and equipment that the ghosts are wearing turn invisible, so when the ghosts are out in the field wearing T-shirts you still see the skin of their arm. The team behind Future showed that level of attention to everything in the single player campaign. Especially the script. Nowadays, all you get in a shooter is guns, nothing more. No clever gameplay, or witty dialogue, nor any cool characters that are in the least bit entertaining. Future soldier is a smart game, with cool characters, an engaging story, and very intelligent gameplay.

Future Soldier is a great game with a few faults here and there. The main thing that upset me is that the audio kept cutting in and out for long periods of time. The strange part about this is that the game installed content for the audio portion of the game, yet mentioned that alternatively you can install the game for the optimal experience. I did the ultra safe thing and installed the game to my harddrive. This didn't seem to help much as the audio would still cut out on a regular basis, sometimes for about ten seconds. It seems longer when there is no sound. Hopefully these issues will be remedied in a future patch. Future Soldier also follows the recent trend of online passes that permit access to multiplayer, which is kind of annoying.


Speaking of which, the online side of things offers an interesting selection of options, but they're never quite engaging enough to be seen as a front runner in the multiplayer realm. Future Soldier's multiplayer is class based, with only three classes to choose from. Each one works differently, as they should. The scout has the invisibility from the single player, and uses SMGs and sniper rifles. The rifleman can take more hits than the average man, and can wield assault rifles and light machine guns. The Engineer class has cool gadgetry to help out in combat, and uses personal defense rifles and shotguns. Multiplayer also uses the gunsmith mode, and has equipment unlocks for leveling up. The multiplayer modes are indeed intriguing, yet they aren't engaging enough. Each mode is objective based, there isn't any deathmatch, team deathmatch, or even capture the flag modes. It's not a bad thing, it's just that those usually come standard in a multiplayer package. The conflict mode is the most like team deathmatch, but objectives frequently pop up on the map during the match. This keeps things interesting, yet sometimes upsets the balance of power, as some of the objectives can reveal the enemy location or knock out their HUD. All in all the multiplayer is fun, but only for a little bit. The single player is where it's at, in my opinion.

Scott Pell



Smart, clever, and crafty. It is also well designed enough for the player to actually play the game, and play how they want, rather than be guided through the whole experience.


The voice over work is solid, and the guns all sound unique, but other issues lower the score.


Absolutely gorgeous graphics, and different environments keep things interesting.


The multiplayer is rather weak, and not too engaging. Players should go back to the single player for the challenges that unlock new weapons and add-ons.


Final Score:

All in all Future Soldier is a great experience with an impressive single player, solid story, and cool characters. The gunsmith rocks, and the campaign takes about fifteen to twenty hours.


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