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Moving on to the second map: Chinatown. Like Ronseal, it does exactly what it says on the tin. A map with loads of tiny streets with dozens of buildings, only lit by the moon and neon lighting. Verdict, an awesome map with plenty of kills to be had! The map has equal amounts of indoor and outdoor combat allowing for plenty of variation and Headquarters fun. It boasts non stop frantic action and great team games; pure kill-streak joy. There’s a great spot where you can view both sides of the map that have been separated by a row of buildings; it’s here where you can produce many kill-streaks and cause havoc without having to move one inch. However, attached to this building is a slated roof, which you can hop on, go prone and take people out by the dozen. Something like a P90 or an RPD with red dot sight and double tap would come in really useful here. On the other hand you could use an assault rifle and have the ability of being able to use a grenade launcher, which would completely wipe out the moshpit occurring in front of you.

This map certainly has more structure than it’s other competitor Creek, but still provides you with various quirky features that allow for maximum enjoyment. Inside, combat is what is most enjoyable, with many different staircases leading to basements and second stories which allow you to pick people out above the action. This map is most certainly entertaining.

The Carentan remake is one of the best maps in the game let alone this map pack.

Thirdly, we have Broadcast, a map that appears in one of the missions in the story mode, ‘Charlie don’t surf’. It’s a television broadcast centre that provides plenty of different rooms and complex routes through the building. There’s a main building containing many desks to hide behind for tense, close gunning action. However, most of the combat is situated on the outside terrace which corners one section of the building. Most of the battles occur in the building, or on the terrace, but it isn’t strange for combat to take place in the opposite two buildings that surround the car park. These are used even more in Headquarters matches, which this map really thrives in. However, apart from Headquarters, Search and Destroy is also a great game to behold in Broadcast, as it contains much more skill on deciding which route is best to take through the vast building. For this map there is a variety of weapons you could use, however I’d keep away from the sniper and shotgun; anything from a sub to an assault rifle. Frag x3 is also a useful perk because with many different closed in spaces like meeting rooms, these can come in very effective. This is my favourite new map that Infinity ward has offered Call of duty gamers, as it has so much variation within its environment.

Last but not least we have Killhouse, a map centred on the first training level in the story mode. This map can only be used in private matches or cage matches, but nearly rivals the fun close quarters action that Shipment has to offer. Whilst being able to rush round the map which contains many walls of wood that allow for minimal cover, you can also have great sniping battles from either sides of the map on tiny buildings that are directly opposite each other. There’s also a soaring tower in the middle of the map, which if you can scurry up in time before your opponent spots you, you can control your opponent for long spells of the game. Cage matches provide great amusement whilst in this map, as you outwit your opponent in the Killhouse!

Broadcast is another stellar map.

Overall, the maps have complimented Call of duty 4’s success and have provided us with a completely different format to usual maps. These new environments have given the game an added boost just before it has hit saturation.

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- Ryan Cherrington


Original maps, completely different to what we are used to.


The use of maps that have occurred in the story mode is nice, the Broadcast map is one of the best missions.

Further variety of maps has allowed enjoyment of COD to continue.

Flaws in Creek are very aggravating.


Price for maps are quite expensive.