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Yes, you may have guessed it Strikeforce has the name for a reason: the whole game is centred on multiplayer and battling the hordes with friends. Thus, if you play through on solo you are liable to get minced up very quickly. Multiplayer doesn't change much in terms of the gameplay and really doesn't affect the game itself too much with only a slight slowdown the more friends you have along for the fest. You are able to have up to four players with you as your battle. This works so amazingly well it was hard to believe that I was playing a Dynasty Warriors game, as multiplayer normally forces the game into self-destruct mode. You can jump in and out of multiplayer ad-hoc which is a nice change for a handheld game and is great if you want to play through on solo and are having a problem with an officer that you need help with. Playing with a friend makes the game so much more of a charm to play, as battling takes on a new shine with a friend backing you up.

Unfortunately there is still one very big problem the Strikeforce, and that is the camera. It can get stuck frequency showing you the inside of walls instead of where it is that your target is hitting you from. Annoyingly you have to wait for it to sort itself out to continue, though this does only take a second or so. Another problem is the game's lock on feature which allows you target one soldier and batter him solely, which I feel is a bit pointless as the whole ethos of the game is to kill as many people as possible in big swinging attacks. But that isn't the real problem with it. Once you have a lock-on you cannot switch it to another target of your choice. You can press up and then the game finds the most threatening target, but not always are the computer's version of threatening and yours the same.

Aerial combat is one of the game's new strong points.

If this is the first in a new wave of Dynasty Warriors games then the series really could have taken a new and more exciting turn. With Strikeforce offering so much in such a small package it makes me wonder what DW7 will hold on the bigger consoles. So as I wondered at the beginning of the article if this is a good change for the series I can confirm now that it is indeed a great new direction. You need to have a friend with you for this one ideally to really take advantage of the power of the game, but there is so much to love it is worth picking up no matter whether you have a PSP-toting friend or not.

- Alec Hilton


Excellent multiplayer mode


A good pathfinder to a reboot of the series

Great fun to play

Camera is annoying as it gets stuck frequently


Lock on doesn't allow for target switching.




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