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Even though they can still be dumb at times, the enemy A.I. is much improved when compared with Resistance 2. You can tell that a fair amount of work has gone into adding variety to their behaviour. They don't just rush you or hang back all the time. Instead, they pop in and out of cover and do their utmost to flank your position whenever possible. The wide selection of enemy types forces you to regularly adjust your tactics and refocus your efforts on certain targets. However, there is an extremely loud death noise that accompanies their demise, which is handy in moments of chaos, but grates after a while.

Giant Chimeran spider? Check.

It should be noted that there's more to Resistance 3 besides making things explode. Encounters with NPC's are frequent. Whether you're observing people just going about their day, or you overhear some people discussing the current crisis and its impact on their lives, you feel like you're a part of something much bigger than your own story. Characters acknowledge you in quieter moments, and back you up effectively in the heat of battle. There's also some nice subtle indications that the game is set in a 1950's era United States. The deserted towns and abandoned farm houses where you're pushing back the Chimera are littered with period specific designs and products. I've come to expect a certain level of care and detail from current generation games, and I'm pleased to find an abundance of it here.

Multiplayer is a scaled back affair, with support for 16 players in competitive game modes ranging from Resistance themed versions of Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Territories. Compared to Resistance: Fall of Man (40 players) and Resistance 2 (60 players), this seems like a strange choice at first, and something of a step backwards. But the reduced scale helps keep the action frantic, and the increased emphasis on teamwork has refocused the online side of the game. You're much more likely to form alliances and/or rivalries with other players, which will be good for the ongoing development of the community. Proper campaign co-op has made a glorious return here, in both split screen and online flavours. This is great, because Resistance 2 ended up being a massive disappointment for omitting support for co-operative play.

Varying enemy types make you adjust your tactics on the fly.

The story, presentation, and consistently entertaining weaponry in Resistance 3 easily make this the best in the series to date. Playstation 3 owners shouldn't think twice about picking up a copy. And although the surprisingly hopeful ending does cast doubt on the future of the series, Sony are smart. If they want to maintain a strong portfolio of first party franchises, they should do everything they can to keep this story alive.

Jon Titmuss



A varied but brief campaign is entertaining throughout. Co-op has made a triumphant return.


Superb music and strong voice work. Some annoying death sounds though.


There are lots of nice visual touches, but the graphics are pretty unremarkable.


Single player, multiplayer, and co-operative options make this a well rounded package.


Final Score:

Resistance 3 is a thoroughly enjoyable FPS with plenty of replay value.


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