Max Payne 3 Preview - March 12th 2012

Max is back! He has left New York behind, and found himself on the mean streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has traded in his badge and taken on a job protecting the family of wealthy real estate mogul Rodrigo Branco. But when Branco's wife is kidnapped, it's up to Max to tear the city apart to get her back.

It has been close to 10 years since we last saw Max Payne, and Rockstar Games has been teasing us with this sequel since late 2009. The game was pushed back multiple times, and in that time, Max hit rock bottom, and kept on going. In this latest addition to the franchise, we meet an older Max, with a dark personality and an even darker outlook on the world. Players will follow Max as he attempts to deal with his shattered past, all the while trying to find the kidnapped wife of his boss, Rodrigo Branco. He's also b doing whatever it takes to keep from being enveloped by the gangs and organized crime syndicates that call Sao Paulo home.


The team at Rockstar have drawn inspiration from some of films greatest shootouts, such as Dirty Harry: The Enforcer, Die Hard II, Saving Private Ryan, and The Matrix. And although very little has been revealed in the form of what weapons will be featured in the game, players will be able to choose from a variety of pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, rifles , grenade launchers and Molotov cocktails. Players will also be able to dual wield any combination of these weapons. Returning to the franchise is the famed bullet time effect in which players can slow down time to dispatch multiple enemies at once. After diving in bullet time, Max can now stay in a prone position and continue to dispatch enemies from the ground with the ability to move in a full 360 degrees. Max Payne 3 uses the Euphoria Character Behavior system created by Natural Motion. This gives characters seamless ultra-lifelike movements that react exactly how they would in the real world, which truly brings the characters to life.

From the skyscrapers and penthouse apartments of downtown Sao Paulo, to the slums of the favela, the Rockstar research team have taken several trips to Brazil and snapped thousands of pictures. This seems to be so they can recreate the look and feel of Brazil as faithfully as possible to give players the most immersive gaming experience possible. And for the first time, a multiplayer mode has been introduced to the Max Payne franchise. Details are pretty thin on the ground but they have announced a very unique game mode called "Gang Wars." Players are dropped directly into the middle of a scenario (such as a drug deal gone sour) in which they must grab duffel bags full of cash and deliver them to safe points. Although it sounds like pretty standard stuff, things start to get interesting in the second round. The objective will change to reflect what went on in the previous round. This creates a more competitive multiplayer experience and will have players on the edge of their seat from start to finish.

Tough guys never look at explosions.

The game will feature an original score, written by Los Angeles based rock band HEALTH. The band will be composing both the music to be featured in the game, as well as writing exclusive songs which will appear on the official soundtrack. Sao Paolo's native rap star Emicida will also be contributing, but at this point it is unknown whether the soundtrack will be available for individual sale, although it will be included as part of the Collector's Edition of the game. Speaking of which, in addition to the soundtrack, the special edition version will also include a 10'' tall statue of Max Payne, art prints depicting some of Max's inner demons, a copper and brass plated iron bullet keychain, an in game multiplayer character pack which features characters from Max Payne and Max Payne 2, and an in game multiplayer weapons pack that includes the Hammerhead automatic shotgun, G9 grenade launcher, and Molotov cocktail.

Max Payne 3 has a scheduled release date of May 18th 2012 for Xbox and PS3, and June 1st for PC.

RJ Barranti

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18th May 2012
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