Uncharted 3 Preview - October 11th 2011

Uncharted, a series renowned for possessing a strong mix of great gameplay, likeable characters, fantastic scripts, and stunning visuals is now heading into its third outing with Drake's Deception.

Drake this time is heading for the Arabian desert in search of "The Atlantis of the Sands", along with his mentor, Victor "Sully" Sullivan, ex-lover Chloe, and true-love Elena. Upon its discovery, the gang unearth some dark secrets that will test their courage and friendship to near breaking point.

As well as the familiar faces, Uncharted 3 also introduces us to an array of new and interesting looking characters. One of which is an English, Helen Mirren look-alike named Katherine Marlowe. Katherine is an old rival of Nathan's, and believes that the ring of Sir Francis Drake belongs to her.

The graphics look absolutely stunning.

The game is set to be all the things you loved about the classic Among Thieves, but even more epic. For instance, one set-piece sees Drake running across a airstrip chasing a cargo plane, hitching a ride on a jeep driven by Elena, jumping on to the front wheel of the plane and sneaking through to the cargo hold. And then, after a few fisticuffs, you're tossed out of the plane, barely able to grab hold of the loose cargo. I mean in 20 years when people are looking back at the PS3, this is the stuff they'll mention. That and Riiiiiiidge Raaaaccer!

Another returning gem is the multiplayer. This time with kick-backs, custom weapon load-outs and an array of new modes. And now that the beta has come and gone, Naughty Dog now have the info they need to make this as fresh and delicious as Uncharted 2's.

But it isn't all familiar territory. Nope, they're putting another notch on the bed-post because this time Nate's going to be having a partner, and so are you. Yes, there's a co-op feature. And one of the modes resembles the ever popular "Nazi Zombies" from World at War and Black Ops, where you and a friend fight off never ending waves of enemies.

Combat and animations are even smoother than before.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is all cued up to be this year's must own PlayStation 3 title, and unless they've gone mad at Naughty Dog, I'm certain they'll deliver. It's due out on in Europe on November 2nd 2011.

Ambrose O'neill

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