WarHawk Fallen Star Preview - 15/08/2008

The latest WarHawk expansion pack is almost upon us, we have the details!

The successful WarHawk, from Incognito, has received 2 booster packs (Operation: Omega Dawn and Operation: Broken Mirror). Each came with a map and a new vehicle. First came the Omega Factory map with a Dropship aircraft. Next came a Ground Troop Transporter with the largest map to date- Vaporfield Glacier. Operation: Fallen Star is set to release alongside the Trophy update on the 27th August. It will include a map named Tau Crater that contains a crane and rumours tell us that it will be set on a Volcano type island. More surprisingly however is the vehicle, which is a jetpack! It’s called the Icarus MK.1 and can be used to escape incoming vehicles when on the ground, dive out of aircraft or to get around quicker. You can shoot from this vehicle and one of the Trophies (Arial Ballet) requires you to shoot an enemy in a Jetpack whilst you are in one, too.

Be prepared to see jet-packs in these crowded skies.

This all sounds like a great add-on package, and is sure to keep us playing longer. It should retail for the same price as the last two packs (3.99) and maybe involved in a special combo with all 3 for a reduced price, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Incognito’s PS3-exclusive offspring has been out for almost a year (released 28th August 2007) and thousands and thousands of players all over the world have spent a combined playing time of well over a million hours already and still, they release expansions. Incognito are in speculation to start developing a sequel to this critically acclaimed title, it’s pretty much a no-brainer to be honest as it’s one of the PS3’s hottest exclusives.

- Sam Foster


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