Resistance 2 Preview - 11/08/08

The latest franchise from Insomniac provided plenty of online-fodder for 40 players on release day for many PS3 owners, but will the sequel live up to the high expectations that the prequel set?

Resistance 2 starts right from where the first left off. Hale has been captured for ‘testing’ following his dangerous infection of the Chimeran disease. I’m sure all PS3 owners have experienced the single player offering from Fall of Man and its skirmishes containing several enemies at once, R2 contains a slightly more epic approach. In one of the earlier levels, you’ll be pitted against a Leviathan; this beast is a 100ft tall Chimera who wants you for a light snack! As this iteration of the series is set in the States, the monster will be destroying skyscrapers and large buildings just to kill you.

First of all he’ll knock over a small tower so that you and your squad have a ’bridge’ over to another building. The only way to describe its ’epic-ness’ would be to imagine a King Kong-like Chimera who’s storming around a city like the Marshmallow Man out of Ghostbusters. It all sounds pretty bizarre, but when you add squad-control, wacky weapons, superb visuals and expertly executed audio into the mix and you have one of the most promising titles of the moment.

The Chimera are back.

While on the topic of weapons, R2 includes all of the original boom-sticks and adds plenty of upgraded versions. One of the upgraded weapons is the sniper that is now called the Marksman which is similar to the Fareye that could also slow down time for more accurate shots, but now has an automatic firing mode as well. Perhaps one of the more unique guns is the HE 44 Magnum which is a high-powered Magnum pistol with the ability to explode your bullet after they are fired, so it’s now possible to use it as a remote mine. It’s obvious that Insomniac's Ratchet and Clank franchise gave the writers more ideas to plan out the insane weapons that can be used and found throughout the game, in all of the modes.

The 4 C’s have all played a large part in this videogame, Campaign, Competitive, Co-op and Community. The latter ties all of the others up and makes everything much more user-friendly and easier to hop straight into and have some fun. The Co-op has been touched on slightly, and it will give you the opportunity to play a spin-off version of the campaign with 7 other players in a more squad-like take on things. Like in the Co-op mode, Competitive modes give full support for the PSN and includes 3 classes, although none have been given away, we have been given 3 examples: soldier, sniper and medic. With 60 player combat and vehicles, this sequel will quite literally blow away all other multiplayer titles this winter! Ted Price has also hinted on downloadable classes and/or weapons.

Huge enemies appear to be the order of the day in R2.

With a PSP spin-off also on the horizon of 2009 (Resistance: Retribution) this will be a sure money maker and a hugely successful game that’s been built for it’s fan base and clearly the developers have paid attention to player’s ideas. I’m sure that this alone is making you drool with excitement, so roll on October!

- Sam Foster