Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Preview - 27/02/08

The latest instalment of the Rainbow Six series is almost upon us, but is this just another cheap sequel that'll add a few weapons, or be the Chewbacca to the original's Han Solo?

The Rainbow Six games have been the dog's nuts when it comes to FPS's, but will this live up to the series' reputation? This sequel to the popular 'spin-off' will include a 11 new weapons including Assault Rifles, more features for the older weapons and a new ranking system (more on that later). The team at Ubisoft have had their work cut out when creating this and are determined to better their original, so how does the new additions fare out when compared to the others? Well the combat has greatly improved when compared to the original, with the new features adding more twists on the gameplay. Like the faster shooting shotguns that are sure to make you panic and destructible cover that won't leave you safe for long and bullets can now shoot through walls, COD4 style.

Most impressive though, is the new level-up/ranking system that will now reward you depending on your' actions and style of play. These awards are separated called 'A.C.E.S.' (Advanced Combat Enhancement Specialization) and are split into 3 different groups; Close Quarters, Assault and Marksmanship. So, with these in mind, when you headshot somebody using a long range weapon, such as a sniper rifle, you'll receive marksmanship points that'll go to an award such as a new sniper rifle or camouflage. This will add more depth to the game and give it more replay value when you want to unlock 100% of the games features.

Looks similar to the original to us!

As well as this, you can now receive these goods within the single player campaign, which now only allows 1 other buddy to hop in and join the action online. But the games drop-in, drop-out co-op should make up for it, meaning you now only need to select a buddy and drop-in for a levels, and then drop-out when you've got a few achievements or rewards.

The multiplayer has always been Rainbow's dark horse, and as the 360's most played Live game, it surely deserves to be treated with care. Unfortunately this means that most of it is similar to the original, with only 2 new modes (one being VIP mode in which you have to escort a random player to a specified point, while the other team tries to kill the VIP so the VIP's team cannot respawn.), 11 new weapons, 13 multiplayer maps now in the roster (plenty more are sure to appear on the PSN Store and Live Market Place at some point in the new future) and face mapping now on the agenda for PS3 and PC users, this game is sure to be a great success when it hits UK stores on Friday 21st March. So I hope to see you in my crosshair (just make sure you haven't face mapped your' lunch box onto your' character's face)!

Sam Foster



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