Resistance 2 Preview - 18/01/2008

We thought the original was great, and the information that has been released has blown away all of our expectations, especially regarding online multiplayer.

Just a quick recap on the storyline from the original (see our review for more info). You played as Nathan Hale, a sergeant in the Second World War, fighting on the American side, but on British soil. Early on in the game he was infected with the Chimeran virus, a virus that didn't affect him as the enemy planned. Instead of making him progress to step one of Chimeran transformation, it made him stall at step 0.5. In other words, he is still human but holds Chimeran traits such as golden eyes and health regeneration.

The story followed Hale as he battled to secure Britain and destroy the main tower, which was effectively a massive hub where the aliens were created, thus ending the war on one front. This second instalment is said to be set in the U.S.A. Apparently the story picks up as soon as we left it back in November/March (depending on your region) in Iceland. Yes, Iceland, hence the snow and ice. We don't know who or why Nathan Hale was picked up by via helicopter, nor do we know where he has been taken, but apparently the first level is fought in Iceland, so they can't have transported him very far.

Resistance 2 (the logo's fake by the way...) will feature Hale again, but this time starting in Iceland, rather than York and Grimsby.

Insomniac has promised, as we displayed in a news article a few days ago, that there will be two separate campaigns. One made for a prominent single player experience, although split-screen co-op is permitted, and one for 8-player online co-op. Yes, 8 player online co-op. There are Halo fanboys out there still having orgasms over their 4 player co-op. This is an achievement. How it will pan out we don't yet know, but we expect that it will be full of open spaces and massive maps so that each player, if he wants to, can go off and do his own thing. 'Thing' meaning objective based gameplay, so basically the whole Medal of Honour Airborne campaign with more players. Having two separate campaigns, however, could be costly. We just hope that Insomniac have had enough time to make a considerable single player campaign, so about 15 hours, (crosses fingers) as well as a medium sized co-op campaign.

Just when you think you've heard the best of it, Insomniac goes and spills the beans on an even bigger feat. Remember the first title? 40 players online? Well, that was considerably more than any game on the 360, and plus it had no lag whatsoever. Where do Insomniac go from there? Well, firstly they say, "right, 40 players was a lot, but now that games like Halo and CoD4 are brilliant online we need to up our game. 50 players? Nah, 60 players!!" You read that right, Resistance 2 will feature 60 players online. That's two teams of thirty, or three teams of twenty. Maybe they'll even do four teams of 15. Who knows: the possibilities are endless. There'll also be a class system that has 3 'main' classes: Medic; Tank, with heavy weaponry; and Special Ops, for distance (the Bullseye gun, modified with zoom). Notice it says 'main' - character customization - we wouldn't be surprised to see more detailed options, like in Call of Duty 4, in there.

60 players online certainly makes the Xbox 360's peak with Call of Duty 3's 24 player limit look downright awful.

Engine wise they have listened to consumer feedback and have changed the health system to meet the gaming public's standards. We don't know what this means, but we do know that it will be better. We hope. They've also promised more enemies on screen and better artificial intelligence. Another thing that we think we won't actually notice is 'partially randomised geometry' which, according to Insomniac, makes levels different with each play through. So lots of trees where there were no trees before. It's a bit like Motorstorm, then, where they tout that you'll never play the same lap twice and then you see that the only difference is visual, any physical effects are minor. If they can make it so that the level design and paths through, enemy locations and weapon placement are truly unique each time, then it will be very impressive indeed.

Two new character models have been revealed as well, unfortunately we haven't got any pictures to show you, but if Insomniac's creativity when it comes to weapons can spread into their character design then they will almost definitely kick ass. They're called the Chameleon and the Stalker and both feature total cloaking ability. So that's the ability to disappear, or camouflage (which we kind of took from the real life 'Chameleon'.) They sound a bit difficult to beat, no? Ace!

The Chimera are back, looking more menacing than ever, and with new character models.

That's all we have on it at the moment, stay tuned for all the latest news as it is let out of the door, and if you want more Resistance fun, then get ready for a more in depth preview when more details are known, trailers have been shown and demos have been played. We're off to play the original again. Happy Shooting!

- Tyler Roberts



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