Folklore Video Demo Impressions - 13/09/2007

Welcome to our second video feature, this time a video impressions on the Folklore demo which launched on the PSN last month. Folklore is of course Game Republic's Genji-esque action game due out in Europe in about a month.

The voice is by Tyler, who also wrote the demo impressions article, and the video is by Mike. It's substantially smaller than our FlatOut Video Review, weighing in at 55MB for about 7:30 minutes of video.

This is the quality we'll be doing all our video content now, except perhaps comparisons between PS3 and 360 features, which would probably be as high quality as possible.

As usual, you can watch it in a number of ways:

Download (highest quality): (right click + save target as)

Stream in Windows Media Player: (left click only)

Stream in Flash(lower quality): (left click only)

FLV (flash video) Download: folkloreimpressions.flv - you'll need a flash player for this to work.

We'd be interested to hear your feedback on it, so please post in our forums or email us with what you think, or if you fancy recording one yourself, or contributing audio commentary.



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