Need for Speed: The Run Preview - October 6th 2011

3000 Miles, a race from San Francisco to New York with 25 Million dollars waiting at the finish line, and 200 other drivers trying to get there before you. In the latest instalment of Need for Speed you play as Jack Rourke, a marked man who owes a lot of money to the mob. Being wanted by the police doesn't help much either. The only way to clear his name and get his life back is to win the no rules cross country race simply known as "The Run."

With over 300KM of road in the game making up tracks ranging from the streets of San Francisco, to the Nevada desert, to the snow covered mountains of Colorado, you can be certain you will never see the same corner twice. The folks over at EA Games have brought in Skate creators Black Box to handle development duties, and they're no strangers to this franchise. They have worked on some of the most beloved games in the series: NFS: Underground, NFS: Most Wanted, as well as NFS: Carbon.

It is powered by the brand new Frostbite 2 engine, which is making its debut in Battlefield 3 later this month. It will also be the first racing game to utilise this new engine. Frostbite 2 allows Black Box to push the level of visual detail to its absolute limit; the weather and vehicle effects greatly surpass all previous Need for Speed games, which certainly raises the bar for future titles.

The Run seems to have more in common with a summer blockbuster this time around.

For the first time in Need for Speed history there will be out of vehicle action cinematics which require precise button presses to execute running, jumping, and fighting sequences a la the God of War series. This is a pretty big change, but from what we've seen they have executed it very well and done a great job assimilating it into the gameplay.

Thus far, EA have announced upwards of 40 cars to be included in the game. We expect this number to go up because they have been announcing new cars almost every week. There will be vehicles of every performance level and style, from classic American muscle to Italian hypercars to Japanese sports cars and everything in between. It's safe to say that The Run will not disappoint when it comes to vehicle selection.

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