Tom Clancy's HAWX Preview - 07/07/2008

H.A.W.X is the latest franchise from the Tom Clancy Universe, but it’s no ordinary shooter like those as of late. No, this is a completely new and fresh aerial-combat flight sim.

For those of you who have been enjoying the Ace Combat series for a few years now, you may be seeking a new franchise, and this may just be what you're looking for. H.A.W.X (High Altitude Warfare Experimental Squadron) puts you in the shoes of a highly experienced war fighter pilot and gives you the opportunity to control the latest in airborne equipment and destroy the enemy. Sure the game sounds like the average flight sim, but add intense multiplayer modes and Ubisoft's usual standard of polish into the mix and you have a potentially great title on your hands.

The graphics look great here, but the true test is how they look closer to the ground.

H.A.W.X lets you pilot 50 fully licensed planes in all four corners of the world, all of which are mapped exactly to the real thing with a new satellite picture system created by Ubisoft. The use of real life technology that’s available to the player from the start is phenomenal and the game’s authentic values really push the bar up for this game. It’s the kind of feeling that you’ll only find in games such as COD4; where every bit of detail is brought out in the weapons and the story.

Stunts are another great feature in this game and will aid you tremendously, either against the computer or friends. They work exactly the same as they would in a real plane, with you releasing the throttle early then pulling upwards whilst braking to pull off a loop-the-loop. The ERS is the newly implemented target-system that will allow even the worst players to launch a missile attack onto an oncoming plane or ground vehicle. Many camera angles have also been melded into the game, so you can see the enemy from the cockpit, or from a distance with a far-range, cinematic view.

Pretty intense!.

The clever guys at Ubisoft have also been working hard on a Flight-Stick to accompany the game’s release in September and it will be available to all platforms that the game will debut on; the PS3, PC and the Xbox 360. As mentioned above, the game should hit the shelves on the 16th September in the USA, and of course, a short time after in Europe.

- Sam Foster


Ubisoft Romania
PC, PS3, 360