World in Conflict Roles Feature - 02/08/2007

Vivendi have released a great little 'memo' on the unit roles in their upcoming RTS World in Conflict (our tip to be a contender for Game of the Year), complete with desktop wallpapers should you desire them.


To: American front officers         Date: 22 May 89

In case you weren’t present at yesterday’s briefing, I want to stress again that in order for us to succeed, we have to cooperate. Remember to focus on your own individual role and to support your comrades at all times. Here are some basic hints that are crucial to bear in mind:

(1) Infantry:
While the infantry employ some of the most advanced weapons in the world, you have to remember that they take damage easily. The armor and air roles can supply you with armored transport, but you also have your own troop transports to utilize. The flexibility supplied by the transports is essential when capturing command points.

Click the screenshots to read captions on the unit roles

(2) Armor:
With unparalleled defense, the armor role is powerful in both offense and defense. Tanks hold command points well and can destroy all kinds of ground units. Even though they can cover up with smoke screens, armor is vulnerable to air attacks. However, with support from helicopters or anti-air units, the armor role is a force to count on.

(3) Air:
Helicopters are vital to conquer the enemy. The medium and heavy attack helicopters can deliver a firm blow to the enemy, no matter their size. But they also need defense against anti-air units, which the armor role provides perfectly.

(4) Support:
The support role is the most dynamic of the four roles, with many different fields of expertise. Aside of the mobile artillery and the anti-air units, support officers can repair other vehicles and place demolition charges. The support role is undeniably an important presence on the battlefield.

Use these tips wisely. America’s future depends upon you.

Colonel Sawyer

TGSN: World in Conflict is shaping to be an awesome RTS, we wouldn't be surprised if it makes Game of the Year the way it's looking at the moment. Vivendi Sierra have provided some wallpapers on the roles for your perusal too:


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