Resident Evil: Revelations Preview - October 12th 2011

Is it really possible that we're finally about to see a true survival horror game back on our shelves? And it's on the 3DS of all things! As a genre that is being seen less and less in favour of a more action filled gaming experience, a classic survival horror game seems impossible today in what seems to be an ADD generation of gamers.

Returning to their roots is a statement we seem to be hearing a lot lately. Games go through so many changes throughout the passage of time only to return to what made them so loved in the first place. Some do it because their product is failing and they need to recapture what made it a success in the first place, while others do so because they've had their fans screaming at them for the past 10 years to "get back to the good old days".

Resident Evil is the latter. Capcom's zombie killing series is something of an institution when it comes to the horror gaming genre. If you were to ask the average gamer his/her top three favourite scary games, chances are you'll hear this franchise mentioned in at least one of those slots. So it's quite strange to think that the series hasn't really been in the survival horror business for a while now. Instead we're getting games that provide a more immediate and less subtle experience.

Ammo is going to be in short supply.

Resident Evil: Revelations is the game promising to bring us back to where it all started, and reduce us to the quivering little kids that we were when we played the original Resident Evil on our Playstations back in 1996. It's set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and 5 and sees the return of Christ Redfield and a brunette Jill Valentine.

You play as Jill, who is sent to an abandoned cruise ship somewhere in Europe to locate fellow BSAA agent Chris Redfield, who has gone missing. The majority of the game takes place on the cruise ship, but there's also a port town and a snow filled mountainous region. On top of that, there are a number of other returning characters scattered throughout the game.

Taking aim from a first person perspective will make good use of the 3D support.

Despite the familiar faces and continuation of the series' overall story, Revelations is going to be very friendly to newcomers. As the first 3DS instalment, Capcom have decided to give new players an introduction to the series that won't blow their heads off as a result of trying to keep up with what the hell is going on. That isn't to say older players will be missing out, because in the end, this return to a 'classic' Resident Evil style game is more for them than anyone else.

Many have argued that the action style gameplay seen in the two previous entries was, while not unwelcome, still a fairly extreme departure. In 4 and 5, the infected became little more than nuisances, with most of them being done away with almost immediately. This isn't to say the current gen versions of Resident Evil didn't have something positive to contribute to the series. The updated controls seen in Mercenaries 3D are set to return here, favouring an over the shoulder view point as opposed to the fixed location cameras. Personally, I think this makes for a much more effective camera angle in a game such as this, because just like in real life, you've got no idea what is breathing down your neck, out of sight, until you turn around.

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