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It seems that you will need all the help you can get as Booker and Elizabeth will constantly be challenged by a large mechanical creature called the 'Songbird', Elizabeth's jailer. It is through the Songbird as well as the large robots called 'Handymen' that the Big Daddys make their appearance in the game, being some of the most threatening creatures that the players will encounter. How you manage to overcome these obstacles will largely depend on how you use your powers in conjunction with Elizabeth's in order to fight back. Crucially, using her powers harms Elizabeth, and depending on what kind of ending you want to see, how you use/abuse her powers will have a major effect on how the story progresses.

The city is clearly vast, with lots of explorable locations.

There are a few new gameplay quirks for us to look forward to though, as the game features a travel system using something called Sky-Lines, which is a sort of elevated railway that players can travel along using a tool called a Sky-Hook. This way of travelling is born from the necessity of getting around while the city is essentially a war zone. It seems very death defying and should also add a new dynamic to combat. Another new change is what is being referred to as the "1999" game mode, a call-back to the fans of BioShock's spiritual predecessor, System Shock. The game mode is said to be much harder and unforgiving for players, making their decisions much more vital to their survival and even their ability to progress though the game based on their abilities and style of play. I've heard promises made like this more than once before, and while it certainly sounds interesting, here's hoping it isn't just another generic Hardcore mode that's included for the sake of it.

Elizabeth accompanies you throughout much of the game.

There is a lot going for BioShock Infinite. The gameplay looks promising, the story is intriguing and the visuals shown so far from the teaser trailer are stunning. However, so much of what was great about the first BioShock was its pacing, its method of storytelling, and most importantly, its setting. It created a very chilling mood and made for one of the most atmospheric games to come out in this console generation. With all the changes to the setting and method of storytelling, one has to wonder if the game can replicate the same feelings of both awe and dread that Rapture did to players in previous games. Or maybe the developers will go for something altogether different and deliver us a completely different kind of BioShock game? Either way, look out for TGSN's full review of BioShock Infinite, coming to Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC later this year.

Richard Wood

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