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The world of The Last of Us is all about what society would be like without the people who inhabit it, and an intense survival game that stands out among the rest.
Player choice is an important part of Prey 2. Not only do you choose what contracts to take on, but you also get to choose how to deal with your prey once you have caught up with them.
It has been 5 years since The Darkness was unleashed back in 2007, and after almost losing his life, Jackie Estacado must once again embrace The Darkness.
The latest instalment of the Need for Speed franchise will have you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.
March 5th 2012
12 years ago, Zoe, Elise, Mac, Moby, Jurgen, Hiro, JP and Kaori completely changed the world of snowboarding forever. Now they're back, and they've got a whole new bag of tricks.