This Week's Video Roundup - August 11th 2009

We look at the last seven days' top five most impressive, hilarious, intriguing and exciting videos released on the net to hype up a videogame or service.

Number 5: Tim Schafer's Rubik's Cube Challenge

We all knew Tim Schafer was a creative genius, and now it seems he is a mathematical genius too. This is a very inventive way of announcing a game's soundtrack.

Number 4: COD: Modern Warfare 2 Customized Killstreaks Analysis Video

While the internet is still reeling from the last Modern Warfare 2 trailer, 1UP have done an analysis of it, which gives various details about the multiplayer of Infinity Ward's latest that you may not otherwise know.

Number 3: Be a pilot in Need for Speed: Shift - Trailer

Glorious gameplay footage of Need for Speed: SHIFT. It looks a lot like GRID, but possibly even more intense.

Number 2: The Beatles Rock Band Opening Cinematic Video

A stunning introduction to what will be many people's defining music game. It gets the Beatles down to a tee, and is sure to get you salivating for the game.

Number 1: Get Connected Live

At number one this week, it quite simply has to be Microsoft's Get Connected Live video, or should that be LittleBigPlanet trailer. Just watch it and laugh.